US Work Visa

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am a Canadian citizen, and I work in public relations. I've been interning in NYC, with the hopes of being able to stay here. I had done some quick reading earlier on a TN visa and thought that that would be my best chance to stay. However, I realized that it seems like a job in PR isn't covered by the TN visa.

    I have a university degree as well as a few years of relevant work experience. What are my other options for obtaining a US work visa?

    I would appreciate any insight that you ladies have to offer!!

    Thank you!!:biggrin:
  2. Hi cruising, as I'm sure you know from your research, it's unfortunately rather difficult to obtain a US work visa unless you are in specific fields or sponsored by a US company.

    There have been several threads on the same question, with discussion. Take a read through these for more information. HTH!
  3. If the company can sponsor you, you can get the h1b visa thru them.
    The job market is picking up in NYC a little. Good luck!!