US vs. UK dress size???

  1. I can't seem to find some consistency within the dress size charts...can someone help?

    Do we go a size up or down in UK if we are from the US? TIA!!!
  2. Yep, sizing charts are soo off.....

    I think it works like that - US2 - UK6
    US6-UK 10 etc but it depends on the brand. In any case, you go up from US to UK on size chart.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Usually, UK sizes are 4 sizes larger than US ones. For example, if you wear a US size 6 then you'll be a UK size 10.
  4. usually uk sizes run two smaller than us sizes, so us2=uk6, us4=uk8, us6=uk10 etc. but a lot of the time it's pretty inconsistent because even though officially this is how the sizes run the uk sizes tend to run a little smaller, a lot of people who wear a uk 6-8 seem to fit into us0 no problem at all.
  5. ^^ ha, this is why I feel so good buying clothes from the US (thanks for clearing that up annanas :smile:!
  6. OMG...thank you so much!! I thought it was just a US8 would be a UK 10...I didn't know it was 4 sizes up...:wtf:

    thanks for all of your help...i am planning on getting a dress, maybe i will get it bigger and then have it tailored here!!
  7. huh. so if a size US 6 is UK 8 then a US 4 is a UK 6? and US 2 is a UK 4?!
  8. us 6 is uk 10 ;) usually..


  9. Everyone else has it right! It's 4 sizes up, approximately.

    Though when I moved from North America to the UK, it didn't make me very happy to suddenly be two sizes "bigger"... ;)