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  1. Hi! I'm new to this forum, but long on loving LV purses. I'm going to Europe for the first time in December to visit my brother who works in Germany now. I've been saving up to buy a Soufflot, but I was wondering if I'd be less expensive to wait and buy it in Germany or France? Would it be way more to get it there? I know the Euro is spanking the $$ right now, but I might get in Paris anyways just because. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!
  2. Prices in Germany is a little bit higher than France (10-30 Euros). You will get 12% VAT refund back if you buy LV in France and around 10% in Germany. So you will save more if you buy the bag in France.
  3. Hi there,

    this is what I found online about VAT refunds:

    "Items you purchase in Germany will have a VAT (value added tax). The VAT (Mehrwertsteuer) will always be included in the price. The standard VAT in Germany is 16 percent or 7 percent, depending on the item. Tourists can recover the amounts they paid on VAT for goods that they are exporting from Germany, but not for services such as hotel accommodation, car rentals, gasoline and meals. Business travelers can recover the VAT on services.
    To get the VAT refund, you will need your original invoice. At the time of the purchase, tell the retailer that you are taking the item to a non-European Union country. You might have to show your passport to show your address. The retailer will give you an export certificate form. When you are leaving Germany, show the certificate, your invoice, and the item to the German customs official, who will stamp the certificate.
    When you return to your home country, you have to mail the export certificate and the original invoice back to the retailer to get your refund. The retailer will prefer to give you the refund on your credit card, so it's best if you paid for the item this way. Is getting the VAT refund worth the trouble? You decide."

    Hope this helps,
    Kittie :heart:

    PS: Where in Germany are going to?
  4. your better off gettting it in paris its cheaper in general plus you get tax back. what could be better than that!
  5. ^^ Exactly ! :graucho:
  6. Awesome! DEFINITELY wait to get it in may be hard...but you will definitely save money - the price is cheaper, and you get tax back. Both Germany and France will be cheaper than here, and France is the cheapest of all...I'm not sure exactly how much you'll save, but maybe you can get the Soufflot AND a small accessory with the money you'll save? Maybe that will make waiting easier!

    Oh, I want to go to Europeeeee
  7. I would get it here- you won't be saving that much- like you said, the dollar is so weak right now. besides, the whole vat thing is a pain- if you don't have exactly all the right forms, you will not get the tax back, believe me, i missed out on LOT of money last year in london becuase the salesperson did not give me the correct forms. although, i just got back from italy 2 weeks ago and got my vat refund with no problem. can't you buy from eluxury with no tax?

  8. Thats a good question, I've wondered if eluxury charges tax but have never ordered from them either. Do they charge tax? If they don't it'd be a great deal when they have free shipping, like now.

    Thanks again everyone for all your responses!
  9. They charge sales tax for orders shippind to CA and TN.