US Vanity Sizing - compared to uk / french sizes

  1. I know that some lines from the US label their clothing with rather small sizes, despite that the clothing isn't that small (ie an American size 4 being the equivalent of a size 10 in the UK). I know some lines do this to make people feel better, and buy the garment. How do you keep track of which companies do this? Or do you buy labels that size things consistantly?
  2. I just buy what fits me comfy. But thinking about it..... what about french sizing... 38, 40, etc... or even italian sizing (which is different than french sizes 40, 42, )? Then American sizing, as well as UK sizing (in this example) would be considered vanity to french and italian sizes.

    I guess everyone has their own way of measurements.... :huh:
  3. I have to buy by labels that are consistant . Due to my height (5' 10") I have to buy quality and I will not spend a lot and have it not fit right.
  4. This is so true. I was in Ann Taylor Loft yesterday and I purchased a jacket in a size 0, normally I'm a size 4. That is one of my biggest complaints about women's clothing. I just don't understand why they can't use universal measurements.
  5. I've stopped looking at sizes anymore. Depending on designer, style, country, the sizes keep changing. It really sucks to buy things over the internet though and have them not fit. Standardizations would be nice.
  6. I think most unstandardized system is in Asia, where sizes don't come in numbers and clothes come in XXS, XS, S or M.
  7. I'm not sure if its "vanity" sizing.

    and, I'm usually a 4 ( 27) or sometimes a 2 ( usualy in shorts.)


    but, perhaps Im a huge cow in england :sad:
  8. If a US size 4 is a UK/AUS size 10, then what happens to UK/AUS size 6-4s??


    Probably reflects an ever increasingly heavy american population.
  9. UK and AUS don't have size 4s, their smallest size is a 6, which is equal to a US 0. I know, when I shopped in Topshop and saw that I fit into a UK size 6, I got worried because I thought I had somehow put on a bunch of weight. Then I realized that UK/AUS sizes run from 6 onwards...
  10. hm... maybe not then.. my bad

    just remember one time my friend in Aus was telling me she's a size 4 and I just thought they were hard to find just like size 6s. I beleived her since i'm about an 8 and she's probably 35lbs lighter and about the same height.
  11. I tend to just look and hold a garment and automatically know whether it will fit me or not.
    I guess i don't care if it says size 8 or 14 on the label, i know that i am a standard size 10 (by measurements) so the most important thing is that it fits and fits well - plus i can always cut the label out if i feel a bit self-conscious!;) :yes:
  12. Yep, that's right. If you want to go any smaller you have to shop in the teen ranges! Size 6 is tiny though, i can't for the life of me get a pair of them over my hips!:biggrin:
  13. I don't understand other sizing besides US, except for shoes, blahniks and louboutin's, I take a 36.5 and a 6.5 US.
  14. I say don't read too much into the size lables and buy whatever fits right and feels good. I'm all over with sizes.. ranging from 00 to 5/6 and XXS to M..

    You can't really trust the whole 36-44 european sizes either because a 38 in Versace is so not a 38 in Armani or at Escada...

    This just makes ordering online especially difficult with new clothes, but I find it helpful to know my size and how sizes run with brands I frequently purchase...

    I think the best sizes are pants that go by inches, which are pretty accurate measurements, shoes that go by European sizes, and bra measurements.

    Non department shops in South Korea only carry clothes in ONE size..(small). it's like if you don't fit into the one size fits all clothing it means you are too fat...It was so funny because all the underpants came in one size (small) and the bras were all 32A or 34A.
  15. All i know is that every item no matter what size system its on has its own damm rules

    and it is so annoying as my clothing size is quite inconcisstent without even taking my body into account
    like i can buy a size 8 skirt or a an xl depending upon the item