US Twilly Price

  1. Could anyone tell me how much the twilly is in the US? It's £66 ($132ish) here and wanted to know whether to get one at the airport on my way to the US as it should be around the £55 ($110) mark with tax free shopping but if it's the same in the US I'll wait and get it in NY

  2. Dear Ms. M:

    Was USD115+tax but now USD125+tax...

    Hope this info helps...
  3. Thanks hun!
  4. Hello
  5. as of last Sat. $125+ tax~

    waiving right at ya mooks!!:hugs:
  6. it's 130 + tax now.
  7. Price increase this last Monday they are now $130.
  8. its crazy that 1 year ago they were 115, now its 130... in this economy.
  9. new person bumped a 2 yr old thread.