US TPFer, What does "Inbound Into Customs" mean?

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  1. I hope someone can give me some advice.

    I have shipped a Brand New Balenciaga from Australia to a US Consignor for consignment by Airmail and when i tracked the status on USPS, it says: Inbound Into Customs:confused1::confused1::confused1:

    What does it actually mean and how long will it be delivered generally? and if there is any contacts i can update my bag?

    I marked the parcel as RETURNED GOOD & insured it AUD 1200 ...

    Appreciate your inputs :tup:
  2. It just means that the parcel has entered customs. They will check the value and see whether any customs duty applies before releasing it.
  3. THat status usually takes 2-3 days.

    It just means it us being cleared through customs. Then it will be released for delivery.

    Nothng you can do to check status. Last time I had an inbound package it never changed status until it was delivered at my house.
  4. Thanks Halzer & Coachfreak for your prompt reply

    The "Inbound Into Customs" status has been a week or so .. hope the consignor will receive the bag soon ..

    Also, the re-seller stays in NY, what is the custom duty would be if i am charged for it?

  5. You wouldn't be charged, buyer would be and the amount is so variable!

    However, if it has been a week then it may already be heading for delivery.

    Did you use mail or a carrier?
  6. I used Mail ... i can't afford expensive shipping cost.
  7. tracking is less reliable (by that I mean updated less frequently) and they will not deliver without customs paid.

  8. Fingercross the bag is on its way to the Consignor, i really need some $$ for the new season collection coming soon :yahoo:

    Thanks again, Coachfreak, you are fabulous :tup:
  9. sorry for a dumb question... is US Costome working these few days? My parcel is still "Inbound Into Customs" :confused1::confused1: