US to UK?

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  1. Hi there

    I have ordered something from America and I just wondered whether any of you can tell me roughly how long it will take to arrive?


  2. Hi Rachel

    It really depends what service the seller used. Express you can be looking at around 3 days. Normal can take 1-2 weeks to arrive. When did you order it?
  3. Depends on what they used to ship the package.

    If they shipped it via US Post Office Priority Mail, it would take...about a week? I live in Germany, and my father ships packages to me often and they take somewhere between 4-8 days to get here. Express mail usually gets to Germany in around 3 days - so I assume it would be the same for the UK.

    Now that Christmas is around the corner, packages take a little bit longer to arrive :smile: Best thing to do, contact the seller and ask what method they used :smile:
  4. Thanks - I have been told they have used priority mail. I also wondered whether you would get a tracking number with it coming from the US. Does it require a signature??

    Sorry for all the questions!! :yes:
  5. Items I have received from the US I have never been required to sign for but I am not sure what method they were sent by - it may be that the method used does not require signature. Good luck - hope it comes here soon.
  6. ^^ Thanks

    Can anyone tell me whether there is any method from the US to the UK which requires a signature?

  7. Rachel

    I'm sure there are and also that the US people on here will be able to list them for you. Good luck I hope it works well. I've got the opposite problem where I sent item courierd and its been delivered and signed for but buyer is not answering any of my emails. It's a worrying time. Hope it works out for you.
  8. ^^ Thanks - I hope it works out alright or you too! :yes:
  9. I can vary i have baught things from the USA and it could be 3 day or 7/8 and it will be longer because of the holidays
  10. Hi, I have just got my Wisteria spy from the USA, the seller used Express mail which usually takes about 3-4 days unless it gets held up in customs, which mine was and had to pay charge before its delivered. If the item is the size of a bag it is delivered over here by parcelforce and they always require a signature. See if you can get a tracking number from the seller and find out where it is either by using USPS - The United States Postal Service (U.S. Postal Service) or . This time of year a lot of items get delayed they also get lost as so many items coming through. Like I said it could be held up in customs parcelforce would show this.
  11. Yeah it depends..the express is 3 to 4 days, the global priority is about a week and the surface is 4-6 weeks. It can end up taking awhile this time of year.
  12. Saich2 - if you don't mind me asking how come it got held up in customs and how much did you have to pay if you don't mind me asking TIA
  13. It always has to go through customs when entering the country. If its over (I think) £100, and it gets pulled up you have to pay customs on the item. My bag was £1,000 and had to pay £239 customs duty on it.

    What you need is a tracking number from the person you bought the item from, you can then track it, if it had insurance it should have a tracking number. You can enter the number on both websites I gave you, on the usps you can follow it untill it leaves the USA then go to parcelforce.

    With so many parcels coming in this time of year, things do get delayed in customs also lost. I had a antique box coming in one year this time I finally managed to find it in customs 3 months later. It was push to the back and no one had got around to it - its a right pain.
  14. ^^ Thanks - do you always have to pay customs duties on items coming from America - sorry I am such a newbie at stuff coming from America! :yes:
  15. No problem at all. To be honest it depends if you get away with it, more often then not I do not, only very rarely does an item slip through their system. Even when an item is marked Gift, I still have to pay. I find it very annoying and expensive but if you are after an item that is sold out in Europe then you have to buy in the USA and that means paying customs 9 out of 10 times.