US shopping online law

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    i placed an order with a company ( victoria´s secret ) and then i placed another the meantime the first order arrived and i am totally disappointed with the quality of what i received, so i wrote to the customer service, asking them to cancel my second order ( still not shipped). They answered that i can not cancel because the order is ready to ship ! :cursing: i can receive the order, pay customs, pay for shipping both ways and return...i am so mad! its so much more work for both sides i am not keeping this order anyway! my question is - does anyone know if they can actually NOT cancel the order if its is only like 3 days after palcing it and the goods still arent shipped out?:sad: thx!!!!!
  2. Do not accept the package. That way you won't have to pay customs, pay shipping, and you will get your refund. Write an email to Victoria's Secret stating that you will not accept the package because of the unsatisfactory quality of your previous order.
  3. Yes, they can do that. Usually when items are getting ready to ship they are usually in a large separate warehouse where it would be nearly impossible to find our package.
  4. thank you so much lamia!

    honey i wrote them two emails already, one quoting 2 federal institutions where i will complain about lack of any information about their cancellation policy on the website :graucho:

    i am just worried - if i do not accept the package will they refund me when it gets back to them?
  5. They would have to refund you your money. I've done this before with a few online stores in the us (Nordstrom, Old Navy, and JC Penny) and it's all worked out pretty well. I notified the stores that I would not accept the package when it arrived and that upon return of the package to them, I would appreciate a refund. Always worked out pretty well!

    I've never had any experience with Victoria's Secret, but I would assume they would be no different.

    Have you tried calling their CS number? You might get better help there! I always hate dealing through email
  6. Here is what it says on the VS website:

    When checking on the status of my order I received an "In Process" message. What does that mean? "In Process" means that your order is in the early stages of shipping. Changes to your order cannot be made during this time, but you can always call to make a return or exchange once your order has arrived.

    What is your Returns Policy?
    Refunds will be credited in the same form as they were paid if an item is returned within 90 days of purchase. If an item is returned more than 90 days after purchase, a return will be administered in the form of a merchandise credit redeemable with your next purchase.

    Here is their international sales CS number:

    +1 937.438.4200

    +1 937.438.4197

    If you can't get through on either of those numbers here is another:

    +1 800.411.5116

    800 numbers are not toll free if they are placed outside of the US calling area
  7. I think if you do not accept the package and talk to a CS representative, they sometimes credit you before your package is delivered back to them.

    One time postal services lost an order, and they were kind enough to credit my card and tell me to 'return the package if it arrived'.
  8. the clothing at victoria's secret isn't a good quality...
  9. What shipper are they using? You can refuse a Fedex package at the door.
  10. thank you so much ! i will take my chances and simply refuse to accept the package, and maybe the delivery guy will be nice enough to let me fill in the refund form...and even if not, i´ll try and get my money back...i didnt expect the quality to be sooo poor :sad:

    thanks again ladies :heart:
  11. I have found VS' quality to be diminishing over the years. I have some old panties from VS that have faded, but still in condition as far as elastic and threads. Now the new stuff that I bought from them, some have torn after just a couple of washes :push:

    Good luck on the return!
  12. Something similar happened to me, also with VS...I had to wait until the dang thing got to my house, then send it right back.

    Sooooo frustrating!!
  13. I'm sorry your going through that, I would be fumed too if they denied cancellation when the item didn't even ship yet. But I agree that the quality is not that great. So if I really like the design or something I just wait for it to go on sale. But there sizing is way off too, I always have to go one size smaller.
  14. i'll probably never order another thing from VS online again, the last time they shipped me an order, it was half missing and included an extra (and ugly) bra.
  15. ooh looks like i am not the only one disappointed with VS ...cheers me up a bit, i didnt want to appear too fussy...i sent them a few angry emails and i received a final response that i can just refuse accepting the package and they will refund my i only have to send back the first order...uuggh :throwup: