US seller won't ship to the UK?! HG bag!!!

  1. Ahh im soo upset right now, i have found my ultimate HG bag for under retail and the seller says she won't ship to the UK because she doesn't know how to?!:crybaby:

    I just emailed her back and said you just go in and ask for it to be shipped to the UK with tracking, i said its normally shipped via UPS or EMS...

    Im soo bummed right now! I cant believe it! She has over 200 feedbacks too so its not like she new to eBay. I am verfied and have a confirmed address!

    What can I do!?!?!?!?!?
  2. USPS (United States Parcel Service) offers an excellent postal service to the UK.

    Its so bizarre to me how so many USA ebayers dont want to ship to the UK! Its soooo easy. Bear in mind, if she will ship tho, you will be liable for some custom charges :smile:
  3. ^ USPS thank you! Lol, yep i know about customs, i hate them!
    I really dont get it why she wont ship! Ahhh!
  4. doesn't know how to ship to the uk? thats the most pathetic thing i've ever heard !! is she too afraid to go into a post office and say " i need to send this to the uk, what do i need to do ?"

    do you have anyone in the us that she could send it too and they post it on to you?
  5. ^tell me about it! I have never heard anything so flipping stupid!!
    No, I don't thats the prob, only my Nans old friends in South beach and I dont really want to hassle them kwim? They are like 80 or somehing lol!
    I was wondering if mods would have it shipped to them, you know someone who is trust worthy within tPF? xx
  6. don't know about mods but is there anyone you feel you've connected with on here that might do it?
  7. You might try AccessUSA

    I think they have a one-time fee if you don't want a monthly account.
  8. Shipping overseas is a pain in the rear, it really is. I have done it on auctions where the only interested buyer is outside the US but I hate doing it. It is much more trouble than shipping in the US and I have to actually go to the post office. Hate it. Sorry.
  9. It's quite easy to do the research, but there are other issues...I am one of those who usually will not ship to foreign countries, because I don't want to lie on customs forms. There have been problems with foreign transactions...they are riskier, which is a shame that a few people ruin it for others. That might be it...those are my reasons, but they're not intended to be personal. If this kind of thing was my livelihood, then I would reconsider. I can't tell you how angst-ridden I was about those transactions after that,I determined that since I am a crazed hobbyist at best, it simply wasn't worth it. Hopefully, this will have been resolved in your favor, by now.
  10. Well, I learned today that you cannot ship to England with any kind of tracking/confirmation unless you ship the item Express Mail (translation: lots of money) as told to me by a USPS employee

    I put Delivery Confirmation on all my items and sent two items two England and one sent to France today. None of the three had tracking, and as I left the Post Office, I started getting a little nervous about it, but then remembered that I have all international receipts, so in a way that is proof of delivery on my part.
  11. If you were paid via paypal and they file claims for INR you will be required to refund since paypal insists on tracking numbers.