US return policy

  1. I know the receipt says 10 days for a store credit. Does anyone know if this is stictly enforced? I have something that I've had for just a little over a month, unused ofcourse, and just wondered if Hermes might take it back for a credit?:confused1:
  2. ^ It depends on your relationship w/ the store. I've witnessed long time clients returning unused gifts for store credit. Good luck!
  3. My store would do it for an established client. It doesn't hurt to try!
  4. good question: i have a scarf i was given about 6 weeks ago. i hate it......would love to exchange. i never had a receipt?
  5. Oh my goodness! My store will exchange ANY scarf in new condition, except Special Editions. Seriously - a lady returned a GF II a few weeks ago!

  6. wow-thats great! thanks
  7. I'm sure that things probably vary from country to country and store to store but my boutique allowed me to exchange a scarf that I bought from a different boutique and had for about 6 weeks with no questions asked. I wasn't a regular either :tup:
  8. No problems. If they won't do it, I'll buy it from you and return it to my store for a credit. I love having credit notes at H....LMAO!
  9. I did it with a bracelet. Enamel
  10. i was told you can return any scarf as long as it's within (i think) 2 seasons to the store for a credit. i think it might be longer- maybe 3 seasons. another store (franchise) told me you can return any scarf at any time but the corporate store told me something different...
  11. ^ it might be different depending on the store? We're so desperate here, we'll take anything! LMAO.....

  12. you crack me up
  13. Maybe. my sa at the main alaskan store (who's also a manager) told me the 2 (or 3) season policy when i was trying to return a scarf i had just gotten but that another store had had for obviously quite a while.
  14. i returned a twilly about two months after buying it too.. no questions asked whatsoever!
  15. It's a tad bigger than a scarf...but I'll give it a try!