US Repair/Warranty Information as of January 2014

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  1. For repair questions and information, e-mail Amy Ryan, lead customer service/leather repair, at:

    Her phone number is: (212) 371-5511

    She can email you a shipping label.

    According to Amy, there was a slight policy change fairly recently.

    There is a 12 month warranty on a new bag if bought at the boutique.
    There is a 6 month warranty on a new bag if purchased through a retailer other than BV.

    There is now a slight charge for repairs where there was none before: For instance, if a magnetic closure should malfunction and needs repair on a Cervo Hobo, that is $65.00. I do not know about other charges at this point. Contact Amy Ryan with any questions.

    If you want to pay for shipping to Amy, use this address (do not use the BV store address):

    Amy Ryan
    Bottega Veneta Lead Customer Service/Repair
    697 Fifth Avenue
    New York City NY 10022
  2. Thanks so much for getting this intel and sharing it!
  3. wow there was never a warranty before if you bought your bag from NM or BG or Saks
    that is a biggggggggg change