US Prices on Vuitton website

  1. I have always used the UK website to determine prices for items but I found this weird way of accessing it in the US website. First I looked for Vuitton passport holder in Google. Then it takes me to this weird page:

    After that, if I chose US on there, I could see all the items with their corresponding dollar prices. Does anyone know how to access this without going through google? There must be somekind of encryption that will reveal the US prices.

  2. WOW great find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That must be their hidden site with all the dollar values...only you accessed it before they launched it (there's another thread about them deciding to launch this site) in October
  3. Here's a screenshot, wow I've been stuck on that site for a while, lol!

  4. OMIGOSH I am looking at it right now, that is SO are a freaking genius, you hacked the sorry that was a Hackers reference (the movie). Anyways, its really cool, everyone check it out before they shut us down.:wlae:
  5. wow cool! i think cola is right - it's the website they're prepping to launch!
  6. OMG! awesome, thanks!! why the heck can't they just have the prices on there in the first place?
  7. I always use the french website and I have my own way of converting the euros to the US dollar and its always right, but maybe the will finally put prices on the site for US or just rely on elux?
  8. oh wow what a great find! Thanks for posting. I`ll now spend the next hour looking at prices lol.
  9. Omg wow... that's awesome!!! :tup:
  10. Great Find...this is so cool. Yeah, I'll be here for a
  11. Amazing!
  12. lol ive actually found this before but then forgot how! thanks for reminding me?
  13. Wow, I pressed "Purchase now" and instead of directing me to, it went to a checkout page. LoL I took the bag off my cart, but I'm guessing this new shopping will involve taxes?
  14. I just noticed something on there that confused me and ticked me off at the same time! I looked at the Damier Brazza wallet and it said the price is $435. I just bought that wallet for DBF from Elux and I paid $460! Are they dropping the price of the Brazza? If so, I am sort of annoyed. I know it's only a $25 difference, but come on!