US Post Office venting

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  1. So, does anyone here ever have issues with the post office or their post person? Does anyone think that most of them are just complacent?

    In the last few days, I've had really annoying experiences, and need to vent. The first incident happened on Friday at my office. I had 2 packages that had to be sent by Priority Mail. They were less than 2 pounds each, and the post was pre-paid. The receptionist called me around 4pm saying that the post person absolutely refused to take them. So, I had to walk about half a mile (a mile total) to the nearest post office to drop them off (in DC). I was under the impression that they had to pick up the mail, but apparently, they don't pick up packages more than 13oz.

    The other incident happened yesterday. As some of you might know, I've been waiting kind of impatiently for an overseas package (a vintage Gucci bag that I won on eBay). Well, since I don't get home from work until after 7pm, I wasn't there to sign for it, but a notice was left for me, taped to my apartment door. I signed the notice, reauthorizing delivery (asking to leave the package or deliver it to the door attendant), and restuck it to my door. When I got home tonight, the notice was still on my door. I went downstairs to check the mail, and found another notice and NO package. So, my annoyance is this: since the original notice was stuck to my door, I assumed the post person would try to redeliver it directly to me, and thus, I taped the notice to my door. Had I known that he wasn't going to bother coming up again (b/c if he did, I would have the package now), I would have put it in my mailbox. Now, I have 2 notices - one on my door and one in the box. I really hope that somehow, I get the package tomorrow. I didn't pay $30 for shipping to be expedited for no reason. I also afraid that it will get sent back.

    Am I being unreasonable? Sorry for the long post.
  2. Hi. I think the post office in every country leaves a lot to be desired. I could have said all of the same things, for e.g., about the post in my country.
    I just wanted to say, though (forgive me going off on a tangent), will you post a picture of your vintage gucci? I'm really interested in seeing it. What style is it?
  3. Vent away, I am repeatedly annoyed with the post office and UPS, I despise UPS! Hopefully you'll get the Gucci soon!
  4. I'm sorry about your situation :sad: I have had trouble with the postal service before. In December I ordered medicine for my kitty, who has allergies. I paid $30, and it was sent out Priority Mail. It never came. I checked the delivery confirmation number online and it said the package had been delivered two days earlier. I called the postal service and filed a complaint. The local post office called me, and believed the postman over me! The postman swore up and down that he delivered the package, but he has mistakenly delivered two of my packages to other addresses before :suspiciou The lady at this post office told me in the nicest way possible that I was screwed, so I lost out on my money and had to order the medicine again.

    I also sold a Coach wrislet on eBay and sent it out on a Monday via Priority Mail to California, and it didn't arrive until Saturday, when the school was closed. Unfortunately, the school was also going to be closed for two weeks because of the holidays, so the buyer had to wait until she got the delivery notice to go to the post office to pick the package up. I thought Priority Mail was 2 to 3 business days? Hmph.

    Not to mention that the lines at the local post office are always out the door, and most of the time there is just one clerk trying to help all 593902 people there. Same thing at the local grocery store. I know it sounds like I'm *****ing, but Bush's speech is making me mad so I'm taking out my frustration on this thread :lol:

    I hope you get your package tomorrow, SuLi. It had better not get sent back!
  5. the post office i go to always has 8574658 people waiting so the line goes outside the door. anyway they have a new "machine" that let's you self address label postage thingy that takes debit and credit, lets you insure up to 500 dollars, and no one in the neighborhood knows how to use it because they are all mostly immigrants. actually they usually think you are cutting the line, and yell at you.
  6. I cannot stand the US mail, and refuse to use it for anything other than paper mail.

    I don't trust the US Mail, I don't trust my mail carrier, and I can completely understand where you Suli, and everyone else is coming from.

  7. You are not being unreasonable!

    Our postmaster is the biggest jerk in the world! He has a major attitude with customers.
  8. No, you are not being unreasonable. USPS sucks these days....mine can't even be bothered to knock on the door to have me sign for an insured package...there was a sub carrier one day...and he left a notice like you got. I called the post office to reschedule the delivery for the next day. My regular carrier was there....she apologized for the delay...she said the sub was new, and that she just usually signs for me. :evil:

    On the form, there should be a phone number to call. When you call, you can let them know that you will pick up the package at your post office, and what date, or you can specify a date that they will redeliver the package.

    Good luck, and I hope that baby is on your arm quickly!
  9. Thanks for the advice. I would go to pick it up at the post office except that I don't get home until after 7pm, and it's closed :sad2: . I usually just pay for it online and drop it off at one of those self-help kiosks. If I get it tomorrow, I will definitely post pics. It's a vintage Gucci clutch with navy blue monogram and blue/red stripes on it....I'm sure most of you have seen the clutch at one point or another cause it was really popular a few years ago (I think some reality TV person had it). I hope it's authentic - it's hard to tell with older Guccis. I had the brown version of the clutch, but stupidly sold it off while I was in college and had no clue about handbags. I've been eyeing it for a long time, and finally decided to bite the bullet and bid, and won! So, I'm excited, but really impatient.:evil:
  10. Awk... tell me about it. I'm STILL waiting for my bordeaux B-bag that the seller supposely mailed out last Monday. It's Tuesday night already and I'm like freaking out here. My dad told me it might take up to 2 wks so to be patient. I want to email the seller but I think I'll wait until the end of this week then. Cristina already got hers from UK... waaaaaa.... I want my bag!!! :cry:
  11. I hope you get your bag soon, I can't wait to see it! I'm in Florida, and since you're in California, it might be taking longer because of the distance? I'd be going crazy, too, but have no fear! I'm sure it will arrive safely :biggrin:
  12. Definitely let us know if you get it soon! And, of course, post pics so we can all drool over it! :amuse:
  13. SuLi, I'm with you 100%. Thank goodness I now live in a building with a doorman, otherwise I would never get my packages. When I used to live in Chicago, going to the post office was also a nightmare: long lines, confusing instructions, and rude staff!
  14. That sucks! I try not to use USPS if I can help it, otherwise make sure I'm insured.
  15. Okay, an update...

    So, I figured that since I placed a notice in my mailbox and on my door that the package would be there when I got home this evening. To my astonishment (sarcastically), it wasn't. I checked with the door attendant to double-check that packages from USPS were delivered at the same time as the regular mail and she said yes. So, I am hoping that the post person was waiting for the notice, and will redeliver tomorrow. Should I call the post office just to double-check? I would hate to have it sent back to Japan.

    Oh, a funny aside...the UPS guy overheard my conversation with the door attendant. He came up to me and said that they should have used UPS :lol: :lol: .