US Passport price raise?

  1. I'm an American-born-Asian with no Passport!! :wtf: Shocking, isn't it? Well, my parents are finally applying for passports for my siblings and I. We heard about a price raise for them is due some time in April. Does anyone know if it's true, or the exact date that they will raise the prices? Geez, everything is going up nowadays :push:
  2. i don't know about the price raise, but i do know there's at LEAST a 10 week back up even for expedited ones. So if you're actually planning a trip, take care of it ASAP.
  3. I know passport prices are raising all the time, when I got mine 1.5-2 yrs ago it was $90, now im not sure what it is, but its more than $90
  4. I think there was already a recent price increase and I haven't heard about anything new.

    Expedited used to take 2 weeks, now it is about 4. For a regular one, expect to wait 10 weeks. The expedited is not a guaranteed timeline either, so if you have a trip planned and need one super quickly, you have to present your application & itinerary showing that you have booked travel plans directly to a passport office - not a post office.
  5. i heard the price increase is from $360 to over $700...because im going to start the process SO did his for $360 and will be taking the exam soon... :smash:
  6. I would recommend not to put ur app in now, some kids are still waiting on theirs, so Spring Break and such and the system is backed up now... in a week or so should ease down
  7. My MIL to be works at a travel agency, and she said will take my DF and I at least three months for ours to go through. She is taking care of it for us the next time we visit. If anyone needs a passport, I would suggest getting one soon, because it could take awhile.
  8. Right now it's $97, and I haven't heard of a price increase. I'll keep my ears open.

    Rensky, I think you might be talking about something other than a passport-green card maybe or filing fees for travel documents if you're not a U.S. citizen? There's no way it would cost $700 for a passport if you're a U.S. citizen. The most it should cost is $97 for the base fee, plus $60 for an expedited one.
  9. I haven't heard of an increase either but who knows!!
  10. :nuts: Oh my gosh, I hope they don't cost that much now...$360 is a lot of money.
  11. My husband and I went to apply for ours last week. It was $134.00 total to the State Department for the both of us and $90.00 total to the Post Office. It would've only been $60 to the Post Office, but we had to get our pictures taken as well and they were $15 a piece. I haven't heard of a price increase, but it would'nt surprise me at all.
  12. WOW 360-700 that's a HUGE JUMP HUGEEEE
  13. Both DH and I got them at the end of last year and we got expedited ones. It cost us $187 each!!

    that included overnight shipping, the passport and photos. We got them in about 1.5-2 weeks and got them from the post office.
  14. I better get moving with my daughter's passport... I didn't know it'd take that long nowadays.
  15. $700 for a passport!....and a Test? :shrugs: