US / NYC designer - please inspire me!

  1. I'm currently on the lookout for a bag to buy when I visit NYC over Easter (March). Am looking to spend no more than about $1200 and am thinking something about the Mimco ( or Charlott Vasberg ( sort of bracket - basically a smaller designer that is NYC or US based.

    Can anyone recommend me someone or something? If it's just a case of going wandering around some department stores, then that's fine... and if I can't find anything I adore in this bracket, I'll just try and get one of the items from my wishlist below, but I'd prefer something quintessentially American! More to the point, I like being able to admire and obsess over a bag in advance of purchasing it - which is why I'm asking now!

    Thanks in advance...

  2. How about Rebecca Minkoff? She is a NYC based designer, and in my opinion, makes very classic but unique handbags. And definitely well within the price range you mentioned! There are lots of threads with pics around here. Hope that helps!
  3. Oh, I didn't know she was NYC based. That sounds great - thanks!

    If anyone else has any other suggestions though... I'm more than happy to be spoilt for choice ;)
  4. How about Michelle Vale? She is starting to get a lot of good press for her bags, but they are still really underground and cool. I think they might blow up at some point, which would make it awesome to be one of the first!
    the thing is that the bags done look as good on the website as they do in person. You should google her instead bc other websites have better pics.
  5. You might take a look at Kazuyo Nakano and see if anything inspires you there, she has a store downtown. Her website doesn't look like it's been updated recently, but it will give you an idea:
  6. Take a look at Lambertson Truex, they have a store on Madison and 62nd. Designed by 2 New Yorkers, Made in Italy. Beautiful, practical and classic designs.
  7. Two NYC-based designers that I thought about immediately were Rebecca Minkoff and Hayden-Harnett.
  8. Thanks so much - these are just what I was after. Can't believe I didn't know RM, HH and Botkier were NY based... but then I probably just never really thought about it!

  9. These are 3 of my favorites! They are all NY-based designers but I think only RM is still manufactured in the US - a couple of my botkiers are made in Indonesia and my HH in China! Just FYI, in case that matters to you! I love all of my bags by these designers either way!
  10. Totally agree... the photos on do not do justice to the bags. I recently bought a Travesti (see attached photos).. It is ultra luxurious...and less than a $1000. The leather is so soft and the inside of the bag is suede. The two sets of hardware idea is very cool. I have changed it from gold to silver about 4 times since i've had it. She is available at a couple of boutiques here in New York.

    Also.. her bags are all made in NYC!
    DSC_0189.jpg DSC_0191.jpg DSC_0192.jpg
  12. does Anyone Know How Much These Charlott Vasberg Bags Cost?
  13. Kooba is based in NYC, isn't it?

    I'm pretty sure my Lucy says made in the US too.