US Mulberry Ladies!!

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  1. Krisluvspurse and I are in Texas, where is everybody else? Maybe we should have a meet??

    Anybody up for a pink snood????:wlae::wlae:
  2. I'm in lovely Rhode Island, Kroquet. I'll wear the pink snood if it's absolutely mandatory!!!:roflmfao::yahoo:
  3. I live in Austin, Texas!!

    Where would we meet, out of state or in state?
  4. Can I be an honorary member K ? :shrugs:
  5. I am in Boston. Newbie poster, but I think you all--and Mulberries--are great. Black Roxy is my favorite. I would wear the snood if it were black. . . .
  6. Oh there will be Mulberry Meets all over the world - how lovely!
  7. We need to think on this. NYC and LA are the only cities that have Mulberry stores that I know of. IF we met in NYC, my only requirements are Mulberry, Bottega Veneta and Serendipity for treats!!!
  8. ^^^^ I vote for NYC!!! It has to be a city with a Mulberry store! :yes:
  9. Count me in! I don't own any Mulberry bags yet but I adore this brand!
  10. NYC would be great!
  11. NYC would be fun and I have a credit at Delta which might just cover tickets for 2.

    Hear that Kris???
  12. Well this could be your opportunity Baipang! Especially with some other Mulberry lovers with you!
  13. The service at the Madison store is perfect.
  14. <---------Wild, Wonderful West, by God, Virginia
  15. NYC sounds great! I've never been before, it would just depend on the date and my funds, sounds like the prime opportunity to finally get my first bays since the mink ombre is sold out!