US Mail Service

  1. Just curious... what time does your mail person deliver your home mail? Not special packages or anything, just regular letters and such?
  2. We have a wonderful mail carrier named Bob. He went to High School with my husband!!

    He arrives at around 2:00 pm each day... unless there's been a holiday and often he's later if he has more mail to deliver.
  3. 11:35 am, like clockwork. it's freaky how punctual she is.
  4. Our mailman is soo unpredictable.. sometimes 3:00PM, and sometimes 7:00PM, idk its just very mixed up around here LOL I also havent seen the same mailman in a row for perhaps 2 weeks now!
  5. 3pm. :smile: Young guy who often is too lazy to walk up the stairs to put in front of my door or knock to see if Im there. Often times he just stuffs a bunch of of packages & letters into my small box and have a hard time getting it out.
  6. My mailman arrives everyday around 11:45 driving the white postal truck like he is on the starting line at the Indy 500...:wtf: One time his start wasn't so good that he hit my mailbox. Our mailbox is not a standing pole but encased in concrete to match the house. He will ring the door bell to drop off a package and then drive over to the mailbox to put the mail in it-:confused1: or another time drop off a package with the mail and never pick up the outgoing mail.
    I'm not sure which one of us is going to go postal....:wacko:
  7. My mailman comes between 11am and 1pm every day.
  8. I guess whenever they get around to my neighborhood! Sometimes it's 12:30pm or later, but it's never before noon!!
  9. 3:30 - 4pm
  10. It varies sooo much, one day at 2pm, the other day at 4pm.
  11. it varies... usually between 1:30-2:30 pm
  12. I dunno -- I'm at work all day when the mail is delivered! Tee hee.
  13. Between 1:30pm and 2:30pm but once we got our mail at 8:30pm!!!! We are on a rural route cause I live in a new area. The post office where our mail comes from is a 10 miles away. It stinks. Luckly we have a post office a mile away so thats where I mail stuff.
  14. roughly 2pm each day
  15. At my parents', who live in the country, it's usally around 12-2pm, which makes it easier when you're expecting something.

    Here at my fiance's apartment, which is in the city, who knows?????????????? Seriously I never have a clue when the mail will be dropped off, it's been dropped off at 10am once and one time it came around 5 or 6pm, both cases were the same mailman, so I don't know? :shrugs: