US Mail (rant)

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  1. I have not received a single piece of mail in TEN (yes, TEN) days.

    No medical journals, bills, magazines, paychecks....

    The USPS says I *should* be getting my mail--it hasn't been forwarded, and my carrier recalls that I "usually get a lot of mail." It's not at the post office, either.

    Very curious.
  2. have you moved recently??

    i get mail for my neighbors pretty regularly.... it's slightly irritating...
  3. I've noticed that USPS does not forward mail efficiently. When I moved into my home, I got a notice from the USPS saying that the previous homeowners requested that USPS forward their mail to them. I've been getting their mail for the past 6 months.

    A few years back, when I moved, I filled out a forwarding request form and never received any of my forwarding mail. I don't even bother requesting forwarded mail anymore.
  4. How strange.... Since your postman is aware, I doubt it's being stolen....

    I had a package shipped priority mail to me on 12/17. It finally arrived a few days ago. :wtf: I had finally gone to my local post office to find the package, and they couldn't find it there. Then the postman brought it three days later.... I spoke to him, and he said someone handed it to him that morning; that it had been laying around for weeks.
  5. I can see not getting something for one day, but for 10 days, that is unusual. At least junk mail or something. I would look into it. I remember when I did not receive mail one day and the post lady thought it was weird also because we had always gotten at least something but it was just that day that we did not receive anything.
  6. No idea--I moved about 6 months ago, but some of the mail was definitely addressed HERE.

    I am so irritated. Why can't they just do their job?? I need my paycheck!!
  7. I'd go and speak to the postmaster where you live. I hate sound paranoid but sometimes forwarding orders can be placed on your mail by mistake OR by someone attempting to steal your identity.
  8. Don't sit on this...go down to the post office and find out what is going on. As much junk mail as everyone gets...something in 10 days should be getting to you. Perhaps someone place a hold mail order..I think you can do that right online.

    You may also want to check into direct deposit for your paycheck. Assuming this mail doesn't turn up you are going to have to get them to do a stop payment and reissue your check.

    What a PITA to deal with. I'd be ranting too!!!
  9. ^^I called the post office and there is no hold order and no forwarding order. And no mail.

    Seriously--is it all under the bed of my old mail carrier? I even miss the supermarket flyers at this point!
  10. Sometimes you just have to wonder...
    I moved six months ago and no problem, everything was forwarded. Except a month ago, some of my mail was interrupted. Then I started getting mail that was addressed to me at the new place, but it was pulled for forwarding, and of course there was no forwarding order. It was delivered two weeks later with a yellow sticker on each piece that indicated it had been held for forwarding and then returned to the original sender. What a mess, missed a couple of bills. Even the post office could not figure out what happened.

    Oh, urologist, I remember when I was living in Chicago, the police arrested a fired letter carrier and found a ton of mail in his basement.
  11. do you have a locked mailbox or is it a regular one?

    makes you wonder where in the world all your mail went...i remember not getting any mail for a couple of days, and then the next day our mail box was stuffed to overflowing with all the mail that we hadn't received...
  12. That is crazy, and I would be annoyed as well! They really should be more on top of things...I mean, you could have overdue bills! Not cool!
  13. That's ridiculous! Definitely get to the bottom of this - no post for 10 days, I'd be worried about bills!
  14. Well, I finally got a couple of magazines, but still no paycheck and no bill. I remain perplexed.
  15. This reminds me of 'Newman' from the Seinfeld show. He had all his mail hidden away and never delivered it!

    I hope it gets straightened out...that is definitely weird!