Us Magazine Presents: Sexy New Faces of Fall TV

  1. Sexy New Faces of Fall TV

    These stars are on their way up from sorta-famous to standout.

    Cole Hauser - KVille

    On Fox drama KVille, Cole Hauser plays Trevor Cobb, an escaped convict looking for a post-Katrina break as a New Orleans cop. The 32-year-old hottie made his name in 2 Fast 2 Furious and The Break-Up.

    Anna Friel - Pushing Daisies

    As "Chuck" on one of the fall season's most buzzed about dramas, Pushing Daisies, Anna Friel goes from relative obscurity (ever seen the Goal! movies? Us either.) to major network star.

    Natalie Zea - Dirty Sexy Money

    As the positive reviews for Dirty Sexy Money come in, Natalie Zea's name keeps coming up as a highlight. Before landing the kudos-earning gig, Zea was a star of soaps (Passions) and stage (Boys Don't Cry).

    Sarah Lancaster - Chuck

    Sarah Lancaster has always had the misfortune of standing out in shows that go south (Everwood, What About Brian). Hopefully Chuck is the break the 27-year-old actress has been waiting for!

    Kal Penn - House

    After a successful stint on hot Fox show 24, "Kumar" returns to the network as one of the potential new docs on House.
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  2. Chris Lowell - Private Practice

    A whole subplot of the Private Practice crossover episode was dedicated to Lowell's bare chest, but before he was a piece of meat for lady doctors, Lowell, 22, starred in Life As We Know It and Veronica Mars.

    Chyler Leigh - Grey's Anatomy

    Back in July, 68% of Usmagazine readers said they thought Leigh, 25, would make a good addition to Grey's Anatomy. The Not Another Teen Movie star joins the cast of the already-hot drama as Meredith's sister, Lexie.
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