US - Help with tracking number

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  1. Hi

    I have been given a tracking number and I have entered it on the usps site and it says 'delivery information not available from this website'

    Anyone know what I am doing wrong?


  2. I've found that USPS tracking is quite slow. You usually have to wait a day to get some results from the tracking number you were given. HTH!
  3. Agree with mello, they are too slow, especially this time around!
  4. Thanks - this sounds like another daft question but I realised that I hadn't put the letters in beforehand - I have now and it says there is no record of the above number. What should a tracking code belike - I mean does it have numbers and letters??

  5. Yes it does - you are putting it into the right box, I have done this before now and put in wrong box to track...LOL (brain was not in place that day)

    Also the others are quite right Usps is slow, check also the seller has given you the right number. Should have 2 letters in front then numbers then 2 letters
  6. Ok - didn't put in the last two letters:shame: At the moment it says that it left San Fransisco on the 20 December at 7.00pm Any ideas when it might get to the UK? Thanks
  7. Was it Global express, if so should only take a couple of days to reach the UK, but then theirs customs and everything will shut down because of the holidays, would think you would get it 1st or 2nd week Jan
  8. Global Priority? It said it should take 4-6 days - is that right??
  9. Global priority doesn't provide tracking.. It's problebly EMS.
    Due to the holidays.. I would say 5 to 10 days but you never know with international shipping.. sometimes it can get there quicker or even slower.
  10. Thanks:yes: I guess I will have to wait and see!