US Duty charges

  1. Do any of you know at what amount US Customs charges duty? The rate? Used handbag of course . . .;)
  2. I'm not in the US but in the past have send a several used gifts over there and as I can remember there was never any charge. But that's probably diffrent with new/commercial things.
  3. I've never had to pay any , and order from over seas a lot.
  4. I ordered a shoulder from LVR during their sale last week. I got home today and there was a message from FedEx to call back about filling out a customs form. I called back and left a message. But it's clear I got snagged.
  5. Fedex, UPS Etc...always get stuck in customs. (I made the expirience the other way round); I prefer the local post (international, priority, recorded etc...)
  6. It cost me $88 to Fedex from a bbag I purchased at Harvey Nichols in London for about $750
  7. ^wow, that's expensive. that's almost 12%!
  8. When I ship overseas, I rarely put down that its a "gift" and I always declare and insure for the auction amount. I have only heard that 1 of my buyers got hit with duty fees for about $80. On the other hand I have received MANY high end bags from overseas, and never had to pay duty. Fedex did call me when my bleu nuit Paddington came from France, all they wanted to know was what kind of leather the bag was. They didnt even open it. Thought for sure I would be hit with duty fees. But I didnt. Just part of doing business with overseas buyers and sellers.
  9. I sold a watch once and the buyer sent me a nastygram about having to pay duty in England. But it's hard to know what to do. I always want to insure my mailings just in case they get lost.

  10. :lol: i was about to say that was really cheap! with all the brokerage fees and crap in the uk (and vat is 17.5% and duty about 10%) it's not unusual for the charges to go up to 50% of the value :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: . but a lot of the time i get away without paying at all, if the person sending it to me says it's a gift and a low value it doesn't really get contested. and sometimes things slip through, but if you get caught it's BAD!
  11. I had that happen to me too bought from the US and got hit with about 30%
  12. You can actually get charged duties for 30% on a 1000 USD bag!!!? ouch. That would hurt. Is this true for all EU countries?
  13. I ordered a mulberry bayswater from LVR - cost of the bag was $750 and Customs charged $90 for it.
  14. I have been hit with customs duties and taxes each and every time the sender insures the package, but not otherwise, if through the normal postal system. I think the customs people pay extra attention to insured items. However, for deliveries from courier companies such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, I always have to pay customs duties and taxes. Luckily for me, it is only about 5-6% in my country, but still...
  15. Yes, I feel bad about the customs but I often sell vintage Art Deco watches and they can be worth large sums. I once sold a diamond watch to a buyer in France without insurance and it got lost. I had to refund the money out of my pocket.

    The amazing thing is that the watch (still in it's package) showed up in my mail box more than three months later.