US Customs fees and inspection

  1. Does anyone know what the US customs rate is for buying designer bags from overseas (cost just under $1000)? I'm assuming its a percentage of the declared value, just don't know how much?

    Is it important to have the seller mark the form as "used" on an eBay item since it is not "new"?

    Any other instructions regarding how the customs label should be written? I plan to have it fully insured.
  2. Forgot to add, do they inspect all "merchandise" items if its made of leather? Something about FDA rules on agricultural goods.
  3. I have shipped hundreds of bags to the US. To my experience they just randomly tax in the range of 10%-30%. They don't always follow the invoice price. They will judge by themselves the *actual* commercial value and then tax.

    It will help if the bag looks like used, and the invoice comes from a reputable department store. If the seller is just a nobody, they will practice "guessing" a value.

    At times a lower declared value may help. I shipped bags worth around US$1000 each and declared $100. They got passed tax-free! Sadly it does not work always : (
  4. I am in the U.S. and purchased a Balenciaga from overseas. The seller listed it as a used leather tote (gift) with a value of 919.00 (actually less then I paid). My item got "randomly picked" and was delayed in customs. I don't think they opened the package, but they did contact me and I had to fax them a copy of my social security card. When I objected (for obvious reasons...identity theft, etc...) they basically told me that until they got the info. my bag was not going to budge. I faxed the info and received my bag the next day, then two weeks later I got a bill for $112.71 for customs fees.