US Customs Experience w/ CL shipment

  1. What has the experience been with US customs and your CL shipments from outside the US? Or, the reverse situation?

    I ask just because I had bought a pair of lovely metallic Maternas on eBay from an individual in Canada. She said she would ship Wed and it would arrive Thursday. I highly doubt this because, firstly, it would be very expensive to do this w/ the free shipping she charged; secondly, this was two weeks ago. I wonder if something complicated happened at US customs, and I didn't know about it. :wondering: Of course, I asked the seller for an update, yes; I have yet to receive a response; this was last week.

    Thanks in advance... :flowers:
  2. I can't really answer your question because I have never but in this situation.
    I can tell you that it is possible to ship between Canada/US in one day via Fed Ex International Priority but it is rather expensive. Do you have a tracking number so you can track the package yourself?
    I hope you get them soon.
  3. Shipping from the UK to Canada or the USA via Royal Mail Air Mail should take 3-5 working days. If you use Airsure (insurance and tracking) it should be 2-3 working days.

    From my experience, these times can be met but some times they take a while longer. Obviously, any hold up at customs can have a big impact on the stated times.
  4. No, I don't have a tracking number. I asked for it in the beginning and twice last week. I thought I'd lay off for a little, since I didn't want to be a pest and piss her off. Maybe the 2 weeks since auction's end has just felt like 2 months of me, waiting for this pair, but I figured 2 weeks is sufficient time for a package to get from Canada to US, right? :shrugs:
  5. Yes it would be rather expensive to ship overnight to the US!
    It is possible that the item was held up at customs, 2 weeks is not really an unusually long time to wait, but I would ask the seller for more information ie tracking number, or when the item was shipped out.
    I hope it arrives safe and sound
  6. Do not feel like you are harrassing her to get a tracking number. You are the customer and you spent a lot of money buying her shoes, so you absolutely should receive prompt response. I would send her another e-mail expressing your concern since SHE SAID that they package would arrive last week. You don't have to get nasty, but just let her know that you expect a response and a tracking number.

    Don't back down. I am sure that everything is fine and you will get your lovelies in a couple of days, but she definitely should provide you the tracking number.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  7. The item was most likely sent through Canada Post and this usually takes apprx 7-14 business days.
  8. :push: (crossing fingers) :push:
  9. That explains why things I send to Canada seem to take a lot longer than things I send to the USA, even though I send them on the same day.
  10. I would like to add its probably with Canada Post Expedited which takes about 10-12 business days. Which means if it was shipped out two weeks ago it was only 10 business days. It should arrive some time this week. Also, do you know what she marked on the package? If she declared at a value that you have to pay customs with then yes it will get delayed at customs. I would start worrying if you don't get the box by next week. The good thing is I think a box of shoes would be too small for Small Packet Air so at least she'll have a tracking number for you and its track-able.

    Canada Post isn't that bad. I actually don't like the Purolator one day ship though they opened one of my packages because I guess I wrapped it too much with bubble wrap or something. I did declare it at fully value so probably that is why they tore the package opened.

    PS: So far my package have been coming a bit slow these couple of days but who knows maybe its the Valentine's Day / Chinese New Year rush or something like that.
  11. Did she ship by Fedex? I know Fedex international priority for a pair of shoes cost a bit over $100CAD. However, it will not be delayed by Customs. This is one benefit of using Fedex. You should definitely ask her which carrier she chose.
  12. I agree that customs can really delay things. I've waited almost three weeks for some things, and a lot of the waiting time is due to customs.

    You should most certainly ask for a tracking number--that is not an unreasonable request!

    I'm sure everything will be fine, but I understand how difficult it is to be patient! It feels like f-o-r-e-v-e-r when we're excited to receive a package!
  13. I have bought quite a lot from the US and have them shipped to europe and things can get hold up in customs sometimes a month for no reason. (If you ship via an express service they keep you posted even call you if there is a problem and they need further info, but reg post doesn't bother)
    What would bother me far more than the delay is the lack of communication an ebayseller should give you the trackingnumber promptly , keep you posted respond to mails etc...If you don't get an answer I would start a paypal claim even if it's just to make him/her send you your info!
  14. Just an update... I finally got my shipment yesterday and they're perfect! Whew!

    (After all the emails I've sent to the seller, I still haven't received any type of response... Even after the package was shipped. Weird. Oh well.)
  15. That's a relief! Glad it worked out and your new babies are safe. Cant wait for the modelling pics...hint hint ;)