US Customs Duty from Japan on used bag

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  1. Hi,
    I am not sure if this was already asked before but I am considering purchasing a used handbag from a seller in Japan for about $ 600.00. Will I have to pay duty and if I do approximately how much.

    I live in New Jersey.

    Would appreciate any advise.

  2. I believed that you won't pay any custom tax
  3. I bought a new bag from outside the US and don't even pay any custom duty tax. ( from Ebay seller)
  4. I've bought many high end items from Japan and Hong Kong and have never had to pay customs fees, but I assume that's because they didn't declare full value on the items.
  5. I don't think you will be charged for duty.
  6. Technically you could be charged customs fees, but I've purchased a lot from overseas, and never once had to pay customs fees.
  7. thanks a lot everyone. i've never done this before so i really don't have idea what i am in for. i appreciate all your comments .:biggrin:
  8. If you really want to know the story, you should follow this process.
    I looked for the Center for Border Protection / Trade / Basic Import and Exporting / Internet Purchases If you search for this, it will take you to a page which explains it all for US buyers.

    It's true that most US buyers don't seem to be hit with Customs Duty. The minimum cut off is $200, but when I have sold to the US, I have never had anyone whining about customs duty. Other countries....

    Your bag is a valuable item. I always declare full value because it is the only way to insure your item. If an item got lost, as the seller it is my responsibility. Insurance will only cover what is on the form. If it is underdeclared, then the seller has to make up the balance. All this adds up to a diplomatic night mare. I wouldn't take the risk on a high value item.

    Some Japanese sellers may underdeclare. That is their choice, but it is technically against postal rules.

    Everyone has strong feelings about it. But the seller is the one at risk if the item is lost. That's why I don't do it when I sell. When I buy, I prefer my items are insured for international travel too. Just my personal view.

    Good luck