US carrying our LVS!!

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  1. I dont know about you folks but my favorites pictures on this forum are pictures of us carrying our LV's! Could everyone try and post one picture of yourself (or from the neck down if you want to remain annoymous) carrying your favorite LV?? I will get mine on later today.

    I am excited to see!

  2. I'll try to take one later today. I feel like poop and going home around lunchtime after I get some work done, so I'll be able to play with my camera :biggrin:

    Can't wait to see everyone's photos! :nuts:
  3. Here is me with my Cerises speedy (going to the hairdresser's, hence the baseball hat:lol: !).
  4. LV Addict is undercover!! You look cute, I do the same thing. I went and got my hair cut yesterday before I met my boyfriend. I had just left Curves, the poor salon lady was like, you're sweaty, I felt bad for her. I told her I just finished working out.

    Here's me and my SP 40 I don't have a pic with my Popincourt Haut.

  5. LV addict, you're looking tres chic with your cerises speedy :nuts:

    PurseFanatic, i'm in :love: with your 40!!!
  6. Me too, I can't wait to use it as a carry on for my trip!! I'm sooo excited.
  7. Here's a pic of me with my cerises speedy. I took it myself in the mirror so its not the best quality

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  8. These look like speedy gonzales club pics :lol:
  9. EVERYONE LOOKSFABULOUS!!!!I just received my FAVORITE LV for Valentine's day!:love: I have not taken pics yet,...but will!:love:
  10. Can't wait for the pics:nuts: Do tell what you got :love: :love:
  11. Red Irvine ? ;)

  12. OHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I want to see !!!!!!!!!
  13. Here it is!!!, more in my showcase:love:

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  14. Star, the bag is way too beautiful:love: :love: :love: Congratulations!!! Please someone hand me my shades, can't miss that gorgeous ring either, not to shabby -must say- love, love, love your new bag and the ring:nuts: :nuts:
  15. [​IMG]

    That's my new St. John suit with my prized white L'Epanoui GM and my brand-new Tiffany engagement flawless diamond from my fiance! :smile: I am also wearing beige Manolo linen slingbacks. All of my favorite material things in one place, lol! This was for a night out on the (Chicago) town. I'll be toting around this outfit at a medical conference next month. :smile:

    I love how everybody looks with their LV! Dressed up or dressed down, you can't go wrong with LV. :smile: