Urus leather

  1. NG - I posted this link in the "Authenticate" thread.......

    The ox had been extinct since the 17th centuary....however - knowing Hermes passion for using strange and unusual skins, perhaps they found some somewhere????

    If you're interested in the bag, I'm in Sydney (I think that's where the seller said the bag was?).....ask if you can go and check it out, and I'll go and have a look for you!
  2. Ok I just saw the other post about the same leather in that thread. lol So I'm not the only one confused.
  3. Thanks for the offer. I don't know though. Something about the bag looks kind of ugly.
  4. ^ I agree!!
  5. Not my cup of tea ... I'm going to look hideous carrying that bag.
  6. YOU won't look hideous, the bag will just look hideous. :smile:
  7. Blech! :yucky:
  8. This leather is just WRONG.
  9. OMG! this is :sick:
  10. Agree!:throwup:
  11. :crybaby: The skin looks like an elephant' s bruised knee.
  12. You are a well of knowledge! amazing how you find all this info! :nuts: I still have the alligator farm info you posted before...I want my husband to read it, learn, and make me a nice croc bag if my hermes boutique does not get any soon!:supacool:
    I still don't want the ursus bag though.:blah: :lol:
  13. how about a himalaya in ursus leather??????????