Ursula Zip Clutch in Moss @ Bloomies

  1. It's the quilted zip clutch marked down to $270. Call the 59th st. Bloomies in NYC if interested. There was only one
  2. Do you remember what color the hardware on this one was? Brass or chrome?
  3. Gold hardware.
  4. would a checkbook fit in there?
  5. yup! i have one. i havent tried but it definitely seems like it would fit. :yes:
  6. hi there. does anyone know if it is still available or did someone on here already get it? I've been planning on ordering that exact one from e-luxury but haven't been able to pull the trigger (it seems so expensive for such a small item). Does anyone know if a bloomie's store will ship it or would I have to go to ny (i'm from boston but go to NYC often)? I'm trying to call them but the department number is busy.

  7. i just called and it was already sold. :sad: