Ursula vs. Rita


White Rita vs. Black Ursula

  1. White Rita

  2. Black Ursula

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  1. Hi All, I am going to get my mother her very first Multicolor bag, and am wondering which you think would suit her better. A white rita or a black ursula?? Please help!! I am completely undecided so all help will be really appreciated. Thanks!:tup::yes:;)
  2. black ursula! I like the shape much, much better.
  3. Don't be black-hearted, always go for white! :yahoo:
  4. white rita!
  5. white rita
  6. I like the black ursula look better.
  7. black ursula. imo it looks so much better.
  8. even though i only like the Multicolore line in white, i prefer the shape of the Ursula. the Rita looks like a great big boat :lol:
  9. I voted for the Ursula, but I prefer it in WHITE! It's such a gorgeous bag and looks like a million bucks!
  10. white rita


    i like the ursula style more :p
    the handle is more elegant for mothers IMO

  11. :yes::yes::yes:
  12. ITA! I looooove black MC + love the Ursula. GREAT COMBO! :biggrin:
  13. The rita reminds me of a banana lol

  14. :lol::lol::lol:
  15. go for the ursula it thinks its a bit classier looking