Ursula Quilted Tote

  1. Has anyone seen an Ursula Quilted Tote in Cola or Black on sale? I know it's from last year and may be a shot in the dark, but figured I'd ask!
  2. i saw one on eBay, it might still be up there...i saw it a few days ago...just remember to have it authenticated first

    good luck!
  3. ^ There's one in black on eBay. I posted that up on the eBay deals/steals. ;)
  4. Darn. Somebody got it. :sad: Thanks, weN84. Maybe another will appear! Thought I had this bag out of my system, then saw one today (on the arm of a high school student in my neighborhood, no less!) and caught the bug again.
  5. I have one myself, not the Ursula but the calfskin one and I absolutely love it! I get compliments almost each time I use the bag. :heart: I'll keep my eyes open for you. There has been two on black ones on Ebay and a Cola one. I'll let you know if I find one. ;)
  6. You're the best! Thank you! :smile: