Ursula (patent) Black Bowler - large sz - any Nordstrom's....

  1. still have this bag? I love this style so much that I'm contemplating getting the large size (in addition to the small one that I already have). Looking for the BLACK one, patent Ursula collection, large size. Unfortunately here in the NYC area all of the stores seem to be sold out. I would prefer ordering it from a Nordie's as I have a bunch of Nordie's certificates (the reward certificates for their visa card) to use up.

    Has anyone seen this bag at your Nordstrom's lately? Would greatly appreciate any tips :yes:
  2. ^ Call any Nordstrom with QUILTED URSULA Large Bowler's style number (C361119), a SA will be able to look it up for you. Good luck. =)
  3. bag.lover always comes to the rescue first! That style # would help A LOT! Thanks Helena :p I'll start calling tomorrow. Do you think that's already sold-out at most places?
  4. ^ Not sure, I haven't seen them at my local Nordstrom. I saw it at my local Neiman Marcus the last time I was there.

    Do you work with any SA at Nordstrom?