Ursula Large Bowler in Lobster

  1. Hey everyone! My bf finally gave in & plans on purchasing this Ursula bowler (large one) in Lobster for me for our anniversary, if he can find it anywhere. :yahoo:

    I know it was on sale a little while ago @ Saks...but I doubt they are available anymore.

    Can anyone help? Any help would be greatly appreciated! You guys & your pics of this amazing bag have totally inspired me!
  2. Ask bag.lover. She's our MJ blood hound. LOL.

  3. hehe...thanks! I am fairly new to this board, but you ladies are sooo helpful & Sweet! thanks again :smile:
  4. Nordstroms will price match the bag as well if you cant find it at Saks..
  5. I'm pretty sure the lobster red bowler only came in the small size -- the one that retailed for $975 as opposed to the larger one at $1075. Nordstrom & Bergorf didn't buy any in that color, and Saks nationwide sold out of it as of early last week (unless there have been returns). I called the 1-800 Saks # last weekend, gave them the SKU # for the lobster bowler, and hoped they could track down one of those for me. Well it turns out that the computer database showed 4 stores around the country (SF, Chicago, Boca Routon FL, and another in FL) each with an inventory of 1....not a good sign (as that often means sold-out) -- I was on hold while the customer service rep called every single one of those stores for me to ask about this bowler, and every single one of them said it's sold-out. A few days after that I called each one of those stores again in hopes of finding a return....and nothing came up. Oh well....my heart has moved on another bag.....haha, guess that will mean my red bag of the year will be the fall rouge vif B-bag.

    If your heart is absolutely set on the lobster red, I'd suggest trying MJ boutiques at this point, or other independent boutiques carrying MJ (e.g. BlueBeeOnline?)....they may still have a few available, but the caveat is that those probably aren't on sale.
  6. LOL. Thanks for the kind words. =)
    I should go hide in a closet now, feel so bad for browsing too much.
    I will be in Tucson next week (for work), I'm told that there's not much shopping to do there. I suppose that'll be a very good thing for me & my wallet. =)
  7. Tayslilpretty, spotted Lobster Ursula Bowler at Bloomies & ebay.

    1. Bloomingdale's Fashion Island (Newport Beach, CA) -- 949.729.6729
    A lady returned hers during lunch hour on Thursday, I happened to be there. It was a sale item, I don't know how much it is now. I hope it is still available now, good luck. ^_^ If it's already sold, ask a SA to do a lookup for you (another bloomies might have it). Bloomies SAs said that if you tell the SA (who takes your order) that the item is not available at your local store, S&H will be waived.

    2. ebay, the seller is Personalshoppers (known for selling authentic stuffs).
  8. Is it possible for Saks to order one for you?
  9. And Jill knows every SA in the NY/NJ/PA area. :graucho:

  10. No! don't go. The MJ subforum will be at a standstill while you're gone. We will have to make up stuff while you're gone. Have a fun trip. Make sure your hotel has a high-speed connection. :yes:
  11. Thanks. =) Yup, will get high-speed connection! =)

    Tayslilpretty, were you able to get a Lobster Bolwer?
  12. So this one looks authentic? I haven't seen the lobster color in real life so I'd like something to compare other ebay pics to.

  13. Yup. MJ's Quilted Patent styles are relatively new, the fake ones are much easier to spot than calf leather styles. Pay attention to the quilted boxes & handles, you should clearly see the wrinkley texture. If they are extremely smooth/shiny (ie plastic looking), they are fake. The authentic ones are soft and distressed.
  14. Thanks for the info. :smile: I thought it looked real and I can see what you mean by the leather looking wrinkly vs. some bags on ebay.