Ursula - how great is she?

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  1. Never gave much thought to the Ursula bag, but I walked into Holt Renfrew today in Toronto and fell in love with the bag! It was stunning! Blush patent leather...to die for!
    It would be great for an every day bag however I am concerned about the light colour. How easy is it to take care of? Does patent leather scuff easily?

    The FY06 Ursula (large bowler) comes in a slew of colours and I don't think they're patent. If you have a matte, is it calfskin or the stiffer leather? I like the Whiskey colour...anyone have it?

    Please post your pics, I'd love to see them and make a decision.

    I can't believe I overlooked this bag...it is fantastic!
  2. I think with all light patent leather you have the issue of color transfer esp. with dark denim. My poor LV Vernis Reade in Marshmellow has blue spots all over.

    FYI, Net a porter has two large bowlers on sale for $675 and Saks has the moss bowler medium marked down to $268
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