Ursula GM Sunnies

  1. Does anyone have these sunnies? They are so cute and reasonably priced at $435. They come in brume, pink, violet, and light honey. The pink ones are so cute! I need to see modeling pics. The shape reminds me of my Soupcon GMs so I am thinking they might be a nice match for my face. Any feedback on these would be great.
  2. I don't have them, but I'm so sorry about your dog. :sad:(
  3. Oh, thanks. It is VuittonAmour's dog that passed. I have changed my sig for a week in honor of his memory.
  4. I am sorry about your doggie too!
  5. I tried them on, they are more "cat shaped" than the soupcons . I love the concept, but I was very disappointed when I tried them on, they didn't suit my face at all. However, you may be more lucky. And yes, they are quite reasonable. LV sunnies are so well crafted, even though the apparantly aren't producing them in France anymore. :shrugs:
  6. How sweet of you! Do you have a pic of these sunnies or are they on LV's website? I'm going to LV tonight. I think I'll have to check them out!!
  7. really when did that happen my T&B sunnies still say France I got them september. Where are they made now?
  8. why are louis vuitton sunnies so pricey? Chanel ones are only in the $300s and the Chanel line is generally pricer than LV?
  9. LV's are handmade ^
  10. ^^ thanks, that makes sense then.
  11. awwwwww I'm sorry that your dog passed VuittonAmour! =( Mine is 17 and starting to slow down and it's heart breaking!
  12. It's not just that LVs are handmade. Chanel sunnies are not produced by chanel at all. They are produced by the same company that makes Dior, ray ban and most other similar brands in many different price categories (and btw, you only pay for "the design" when you pay for the more expensive ones from that company, they make all sunnies the same way). LV sunnies are not produced by this company and the quality is very different. The company is called Luxottica, please visit their web for more information.

    I don't know but my first sunnies (conspiration) says hand made in france, my new Obsession carres says hand made in italy. :confused1: Other than that there's not much of a difference.
  13. I think alot of ladies would be surprised about who actually makes what. When I worked in lingerie we sold Playtex bras, Bali Bras and Henson Bras, they are ALL made by the Sara Lee (yes the baking company) company. They are just sold under different name brands to appeal to different deomographics. We'd get younger girls buying Playtex, and the older ladies buying Bali.

    So the deal about sunglasses wouldn't surprise me a bit. Personally I couldn't care less what company makes them. As long as they authentic Chanel, or LV or whatever, does it really matter?
  14. ^
    Well, IMO there's no real "problem" except for diversity which ceases to exist when everything is produced in the same way by the same company.
  15. I agree totally with this. It all becomes very cookie cutter.