ursula bowler owners.....

  1. Do u guys prefer the bigger or the smaller bowler? Patent or normal leather?... and... wuts ur favorite color? is the bag quite heavy????
    sorry for all the questions.... im itching to buy one!!:yahoo:
  2. Hi,
    I have a small bowler. It's black and non-patent. I carry a lot of stuff in my bag and do not find it heavy at all. I hope you'll find one that you like.
  3. I also have the small black bowler but in patent. I think it holds quite a bit for its size. It's not heavy at all. It's definitely one of the best bags I own!!
  4. I love the patent much more than the regular leather bags. There's something special about them.
  5. I have the Large bowler in bronze. I love it - it was my very first MJ - a present from my BF.

    It's not heavy at all and carries a LOT. HTH
  6. i think the large bowler will have to be my next mj bag :smile: i adore it!
  7. i think the patent looks a lot better IMO

    i had a sm moss bowler and i LOVED it...I still kick my self for selling it

    But i'll be finding out about the large pretty soon :graucho: I'll let you know about the size comparison
  8. I have the large, patent mouse bowler. I love the patent and think it's easier to maintain (just wipe) and I also like how it looks. I think the size is great because I have extra room for a scarf, a small umbrella, a small book or other stuff. I prefer big bags so I guess I'm a bit biased. And like the other ladies have mentioned, the large bowler is not heavy at all.
  9. thanks for all ur help!~ im 5/8' so iguess maybe the large would be better for me. =) Love the link to all the celeb pics!
  10. I have the smaller bowler and need the the large bowler(just because I love large bags). It's the lobster red patent and whenever I carry it, it always gets compliments. I'm 5'9 and really carry large bags,but this one is perfect. It's not as heavy as some and I like that.
  11. remember when lucky magazine did a luckybreaks online for the ursula bowler in that blue from bluebee.com? yeah, i got that one. eight hundred something. can't remember. i can't tell you just how much i love that bag!!! i treasure it. at first i worried that it might look a bit grannish, but i can't get over how amazing it looks and feels! and i prefer the large one any day, since i'm not a small girl by any means. ok, just a smidgen over 5'5" but i need my purses to accommodate my large ego... you know how that is. and i did pop over to the other string of posts and saw the photos of the celebs and members with their ursula - never saw it before! mine is like the blue one couture femme has. i should put up a photo of moi and ursula in action shot!! :tender:

    i saw some smaller ones being carried it just seemed a bit smalllllllllll...