Ursula bowler - is it a good choice?

  1. Since I saw the "OMG I WANT ONE" Ursula bowler owned be tuffcookie, I dream about this bag. My 2 questions are:

    1-Is it big? I mean, real big bag? Does it look TOO BIG??? Is it heavy?

    2-What is the price you would pay for a cola color one?

    Merci ladies!
  2. yes, you MUST get one.
    i use mine every chance i get (it's moss so it doesn't match everything)

    i think it's the perfect size... but i'm 5'11 and love big bags. check out the reference threads to get a feel for how it looks on different bodies. basically, it holds my magazines, a book, wallet, makeup... etc. it holds anything and everything you'd need for a day out.

    payment wise... i got mine on sale @ nm last summer for maybe $575? i would pay $500 for one on eBay... and just might, bc i've been craving another:drool:
  3. Thanks for your answer. I am only 5'2" but I think it would be ok. I am a medical rep and I have to carry lots of stuff when I visit doctors. That would be a great bag for work too.
  4. Absolutely--it's a gorgeous bag...and I am now craving another one too!
  5. darn that tuffcookie!
    her pics of the baby python stam made me go out and get one, and now all of the bowler talk...
    my visa is :crybaby:
  6. uh oh, i enabled you! sorry :angel:
  7. i'm 5'3" and i think the bag suits me well. it is a large bag, but i can wear it on my shoulder also. i don't find it too heavy, unless of course, i stuff it full.

    i think i recently saw a cola colored one on eBay, check there. it may have been around $550 or so?

    goodluck! and sorry for enabling you also!
  8. uh oh~~ we will have another ursula bowler owner! :whistle:
  9. Its the one I am looking for. I think 650$ is a little bit too much... I will ask if she could do it at 550$.

    I sold all my previous bags to buy MJ ones. But I have to stop now!!!
  10. hehe... once you started buying MJ bags, you wouldnt be able to stop! :upsidedown:
  11. Roche opening MasterCard statement: :nuts:

    Roche carrying Ursula bowler: priceless
  12. I got it, I got it, I got it!!!! At 615$ with shipping!

    Ok, now I think I will start a stamp collection. Its less expensive.
  13. Yayyy! And I bet it's gonna be the only Cola bowler in the whole province :graucho: Lucky you, it's gorgeous :heart:
  14. You are right nextnewface, we do not have MJ store in Quebec... Our choice is very limited...