Urine smells REALLY bad.

  1. What could it be if a dogs urine smells VERY bad?
  2. What is she eating? Is the smell different or just stronger? Is she drinking enough water?
  3. Could be a bladder/kidney infection.

    Take a sample to the vet, they can dip it.

    Good luck!!

  4. I recently had the same problem with my cat. It turns out that tomcats (un-neutered males) have urine that stinks to high heaven. Good Lawd, I never smelled anything like it in my life!!!

    He got fixed and his pee isn't stinky anymore.

    I'm not sure if dogs have the same issue?
  5. If the doggie isn't fixed that might be the problem. If not it might be an infection. Like it said above take a sample to the vet and they can do a UA on him.
  6. My friend just bought a Westie pup and noticed her urine is really strong!
  7. Honestly, visit to the vet is needed. Whiffy pee in dogs is an infection. Needs to be treated and the quicker the better!

    Good luck!