URGHShe sold me fake uggs and won't give me my money back

  1. So......I bought Uggs from this lady and I received fake uggs:wtf:. So being the good ebayer that I am, I contact her and nicely say that I would like to send her the boots back and receive my money. and this is what she said: I am so sorry, but i can not refund u, when did u get your boots? these are the latest, where i purchased these i know they are authentic since they are national big know store, i can only refund u if i misrepresented my self as u see. I did not the picture posted is for the boots i send u , please understand, as far as authenticity this are 100% authentic. I am so pissed off right now. I am filing a complaint with paypal and eBay. What else should I do?
  2. If you paid with a credit card file a chargeback immediately and tell them you received counterfeit goods.
  3. File a SNAD in paypal if you paid with paypal or do a CC chargeback...

    ....fake UGGS... what is the world coming to?? they fake SHOES now?????
  4. The Paypal dispute should take care of it. They usually decide in favour of the buyer in this case.
  5. Ugh, I'm sorry this happened to you! What a shady seller- obviously she knows they're fake! Definitely file a SNAD and file a chargeback with your CC.
  6. is there anyway that the money can just be aced into my paypal account and not the cc? i used my dads card :sweatdrop:
  7. If you win the PayPal dispute, yes it will go into your PayPal account. If that doesn't work and you have to do a chargeback, then it will be up to the credit card company.
  8. OMG, they are so ugly! Good luck!
  9. Wow, that sure is an obvious difference. You should probably also call your dad's CC company and let them know, just in case PayPal decides to favor in her side. It's unlikely that they will but also, even if they favor in your side, you might not get back everything, so let your CC company know!

    btw, good luck, hope you get this resolved soon.
  10. ^why wouldnt i get everything back?
  11. I made it a dispute earlier tonight and she still hasn't responded, should i make it a claim? What do you all think I should do? I trust you all way more than that quack. Its absolute bs. The nerve of some people.
  12. Just wait a day to see how it goes. but those fakes are horrible!! I am not an expert on disputes and such but have you called paypal yet ? They might suggest you wait a little longer before filing a claim just to make sure.. if she doesn't reply then they may side with you more at that point because she obviously isn't responding for a reason. Goodluck! I am sure paypal will side with you though because those fakes are just disgusting! Definitely give them a call though, they are really helpful.
  13. The fake uggs are so hideous!!
    I hope you get your money back. I would send her those pictures with another message telling her unless she refunds you your going to file a claim and if she doesnt reply I would just file the claim asap.
  14. They are faking those already? No wonder there are so many pairs for sale on eBay! I'm so glad I didn't buy from there!!!!