Urghhhh! I am so frustrated!


The hypochondria BOH
Sep 9, 2006
Where hockey rules
I just got back from the LV store, for the first time, feeling very upset and frustrated.
The purpose of my trip is to exchange my leopard print scarf with the epi speedy in Cassis.
But after the SA examined my scarf, she said that she can't help me because the scarf might had been used. When I asked what she meant, the SA responded that the scarf has a strong smell of parfume so she believes that it had been used.
I explained to her that the scarf was not used and the scent could had been from the scented candle in my room.
I left the store feeling very :crybaby:
Lesson learnt: Never place your LV close to a scented candle if you are not 100% sure that it's a keeper.

The scarf is an impulse buy since I saw how great it looks on Miroslava Duma (who is a celebrity in another subforum with a thread dedicated to her).
But it's really not for me. I dunno how to make it look good on me. *SIGH*
Since summer is coming, I felt that I might not get much use of a Cashmere-blend scarf. A handbag would be a much better choice.
Besides, my friends and colleagues are all making fun of me for buying a $850 scarf that doesn't look worthwhile.
Urghhhh! I am just so frustrated!

I feel so much better now just by typing this out.
Posting on the TPF is just like talking to a close friend who understands.
Thank you guys very much for taking time to read this :heart:


Loving Life!
Dec 6, 2006
I can understand your disappointment. If you are sure you aren't going to keep the scarf why not sell it on ebay? You should get back most of what you paid for it then you can get the bag you want.
Jul 23, 2006
I'm sorry. Maybe try a different store after the scent of the candle wears off...:shrugs: It's a really expensive scarf to keep if you don't really like it.


My baby is 3!
Oct 2, 2006
I'm sorry. I would try the suggestions of airing it out and returning to another store.

I have this scarf and love it! I wouldn't worry about what your friends/co workers say about the price. Yes, it is expensive. But, when I wear mine I think it was worth every penny!


The hypochondria BOH
Sep 9, 2006
Where hockey rules
Ohh, thank you very much, guys. I feel much better now.

Since the purchase is still valid for a full-value exchange in the store, so I am trying to do that instead of selling it off on eBay for a fraction of the price.

I did try to ask the SA about the possibility of airing it out and take it back for an exchange. But she said that she assumed that the scarf is worn so I can't really bring it back for an exchange later. She even talked to other SAs (including the one who sold me the scarf) about it. So the word is out that my scarf is 'used'. *sigh*
To made matters worst, it's the only store in the city that I am currently working in.

It would not have been an issue if I purchased this scarf from the LV store in Vancouver. They would happily accept any exchanges and even refunds! That's why I kept buying knowing that I don't have to keep anything that I am not so sure about.
But for this store that I had dealt with, they lose me forever as a client.

Anyway, I guess I will keep the scarf and try to make it work for me.
In the meanwhile, I am searching over the internet to find modelling pics of others with the scarf. If you happened to come across any or if you have styling tips, please please please do let me know. Thank you~:flowers: