Urgh what a week so far :(

  1. I had a stupid row of silence with SO that lasted from Sunday night until last night :tdown:

    Then just as we'd sorted it out we went out to meet some friends and found out one of their kitties had been hit by a car and killed :crybaby:

    And it's still only Wednesday!
  2. oh Vic,
    thats awful, and it was your birthday weekend too :sad:

    Well atleast you are talking again to SO, thats a good start.
  3. So sorry your week has started out on a sour note! Hopefully the 2nd half of
    the week will be problem and drama free :yes:
  4. Awww so sorry! But it's hump day today....so maybe the rest of the week will turn out better!
  5. I hope the week turns out better soon :heart:
  6. Sorry you are having a bad week - you're not alone, I've not had the best of weeks either, can't wait for this long w/e.
  7. I hope your week picks up too. I think the awful weather is partly to blame, it was actually misty when we went for a walk last night!
  8. Sorry to hear about your kitty...hope the rest of your week looks up!
  9. I can't believe I've been tempted to put the heating on :wtf: it's Aug for crying out loud!
  10. Oh man I'm sorry you had a fight and then the kitty too...sometimes stuff just happens all at once. Glad you are talking to him again and I'm sure the rest of the week will be better for all of you!
  11. Oh I'm so sorry for your bad week so far! Hopefully things start to look up soon. *hugs*

  12. Ah my birthday was fine :tup:
    We went to York for the day, was lovely apart from the bloody weather
  13. So sorry you're having a tough week :heart:
  14. Oh no, I´m so sorry that´s awful. Life is sometimes full of slumps.