Urgh ... the bugs got me again

  1. Hey gals.... i'm sick again.... BLEH ..... hoping it's not the pneumonia like bug i had making an uncalled for encore.... but the starting symptoms seem the same...

    so i might not be around tpf much.... feeling super tired and drained out in general... i hate bugs!!!
  2. :crybaby:
    I hope you feel better soon!
  3. oh that sux. Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon.
  4. aw feel better Bubbles!!!
  5. Oh BUBBS what a bummer! Get lots of rest, fluids, take care of yourself...(((HUGS)))
  6. Bubbles, did you get a new toothbrush after you started feeling better last time? Might want to do that. I hope you feel better hun!
  7. OMG, that's horrible! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  8. Oh no! Take it easy, curl up in bed, sleep and drink lots of water!!
  9. Feel better soon!:balloon:

    Oh & BTW when I read the topic I thought you meant actual bugs & I had some :shocked: thoughts! Think lice, etc.:sick:

    So...guess it COULD be worse, right?:lol:
  10. cbetht, that makes TOTAL ABSOLUTE sense.... :idea:

    nope i didn't do that and why didn't i think of it?!?! :shrugs:

    thanks for the tip... i'm off to get a new tooth brush!

  11. MassLaw15 - yes Lice and all could be very very bad... :wtf::yucky: you know what really creeps me out? leeches... Yeeeeew!!!

    Thanks for the well wishes gals... went back to the specialist and he thinks the bacteria is back with a vengence .... [​IMG][​IMG] HEHE

    i'm so completely tired and exhausted all the time ... and am pretty much stuck in bed...haven't turned on my pc in 2 days... just doing a quick check in on my email and tpf... :p

    surprisingly no super impt emails in my inbox... i'm not sure if that's a good or bad sign... that i'm not important enough for super impt emails...:supacool: HEHEHE

    ok hope you gals are having fun!! Think of me while you're having drinks and have one for me :nuts::drinkup:
  12. Ewww...leeches! Sorry your so sick! Gee wiz! Hope you feel better soon!