urgh! my skinny! this is bad!

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  1. my skinny has a white trim and it accidentally fell off the ground and a small portion of the trim peeled! not a good quality, eh?
  2. UHGG r u serious? how long have u had it?
  3. Hasn't it only been a few days? I'm sorry to hear that.
  4. :sad:
  5. take it back
  6. yeah, just last tuesday
  7. sorry have to ask this but can i still return it? the SA removed the price portion on the coach tag?
  8. just last tuesday
  9. If it is peeling, they should at least look at it, they may replace it? Or you could pay the 20$ to have it repaired.
  10. hmm maybe i'll return it or exchange
  11. you really should..tell us how it goes.
  12. yup i chanel i will thanks :sad:
  13. I don't think they will repair or replace your skinny for free since you dropped it. They usually replace it/repair it if something is their fault or if something happened to it that you can no longer use it, ie. zipper pull or something. but what do i know, maybe you'll get a nice SA. Use the "I just got it Tuesday" to your advantage, and fingers crossed they will take care of it for you.
  14. any way you could, eh, lie about it? any way it could come across as their fault?
  15. maybe kallison that would work, it's not suppose to peel that easily