urgh, I'm so jealous


    because his Sales Associate sends him catalogs and cards throught the mail ALL THE TIME!!! and he only bought two things, and neither where for himself!! LOL. when we were in the TO boutique he bought the boshphore pm or mm for our friend and a few hours later we came back and got my azur pochette. And I guess since both sales were done within a few hours of each other the SA that was helping us put both sales under my BF's file name...so now...my bf gets all this Louis mail :shocked: .

    I wish I can take them but they're all mens catalogs.. I wish i got Louis mail :sad:

    I'm just hoping in spite of all this he gets a women's catalog in the mail by accident and orders me a few things..LOL...

    sorry..i know this is pointless but I just had to rant and share the ironicy of this.
  2. :smile: perhaps you'd put your name in your next purchases? Oh thank God I always buy for my bf, he never bought by hisself ;)
  3. lol don't worry!!! they're just trying to hook him in! lol and once he does become addicted, they'll stop being 'nice'! lol
  4. CEC.LV4eva: oh even LV also has trick to hook potential buyers? lol ;)
  5. I agree with Cecilia. Your bf is in trouble.
  6. LOL..he's very resistant as much as he is persistent...
  7. umm... ya... suuuuurrrre lol:rolleyes: he WILL give in ONE DAY! muhahahaha:devil: and then he'll be like the rest of us at the mercy of SAs lol
  8. ^^ lol Cec..I hope not..then we'd both be broke! haha...

    btw, OT, but have you been using your shawl lots??
  9. My aunt in Winnipeg recently got a LV catalogue too! It was sent from NYC. I didn't get anything this time!
  10. my mom gets all the catalogs and party invites...not me :crybaby: lol
  11. not too much. The weather's pretty awful these days.
    Also... it's kinda intimidating to wear it cuz people stare a lot and i'm just like :ninja: trying to hide lol

    so when are you getting yours? :graucho: (go for the black or brown lol :whistle:)
  12. Don't worry, I NEVER receive LV mail!
  13. do you mean it's intimidating to wear it b/c it's got lv's plastered all over!? that's what's kinda holding me back from buying it..i dunno.

    If i don't get mine in the summer, for sure in september when i get my LH :p
  14. exactly:yes: that's why I suggested the black or brown one, they're more subtle but just as stunning up close
  15. lol...:heart: