Urgh i can't sleep again!!

  1. I had mild insomnia for about 1-2 months ... i would lie in bed and not be able to sleep for 5 hours and would only fall asleeep around 5-6am ....

    Then i got a pneumonia like infection... and for the last 2-3 weeks, i was so sick and tired and drugged, i didn't have any problems...

    now i'm starting to recover from the infection but my brain/body has decided it's going to give me a hard time sleeping... so i've been having that problem for the last 2 nights!! ARGH this is frustrating!! :tdown:

    I need to sleep so i can get better soon and it really messes up my day and schedule when i only manage to sleep at 5-6am!! Grrrr :confused1:

    I'm deathly determined to stay away from prescriptive sleep aids too... i heard those are really bad for you .....

    just needed to rant..... :sweatdrop:
  2. Sorry!! I wish you lots of good sleeping!

    I go through my times when I end up being awake all night then falling asleep during the day and screwing up my schedule big time!
  3. Ugh, so sorry! I couldn't sleep last night either, I kept tossing and turning. It's been miserably hot here!

  4. Me too. I did that yesterday. And my schedule is all messed up now and I have to go to class tomorrow :tdown:
  5. oh, i know. they say it will be 37°c today. :nuts:
  6. Bubbles,

    I go through bouts of insomnia too from time to time. Try to have no chocolate or other forms of caffeine after 7pm. I find that even something with a bit of caffeine in it can have my mind racing when I'm going through a bout.

    You can also try to have a glass of red wine (if you drink) an hour or two before bed. I find that relaxes me to the point that my mind will stop being "on" and worrying about not sleeping.

    I know that Philosophy makes a little kit called Alchemy that has a vial of lavendar oil in it. I use that on my pressure points to help me sleep. Likewise, Bath & body works has a lavendar pillow spray that is suppose to help you sleep. It does work for me, so it's worth a shot.

    I hope your insomnia breaks soon!
  7. Hmmm, maybe some sleeping pills could work?
  8. I have problems sleeping too. I do agree with no caffeine in the evenings. I have lavender room spray that I spray in my room for a calming smell. I also need dark curtains to help me sleep. But the one thing that has helped me is I bought a skinny floor fan. It is about 3-4 feet tall and maybe 6 inches wide so it doesn't take much room. It cools the room. It seems to help with the noise it gives off, I guess people can say it is white noise???? It blocks any other noise out and I sleep really well with the fan on. I have also read that people sleep better in a cool room and if the room is too hot people have problems.
    My sister has problems sleeping and bought a sound machine that plays noises like the ocean waves, rain, ect....she can't got to sleep without it.
    Good luck.
  9. Hey Gilliana and Jillybean,

    thanks for the tips ....

    you know i used to use essential oils.... i used to burn some eucalyptus in the bath room to clear the air and burn some rose and lavender before bedtime...

    but recently, i can't take any of those scents. they make me sick. :shrugs: i don't know why!?!?

    I'm trying to stay away from caffeine after 5pm but i need it in the day cos i'm tired and a little disoriented from the sleep issue and also going through a stressful time so i need a boost cos i usually feel down and tired.

    we'll see how the next few nights go ...
  10. sometimes i take half a melatonin, and a tylenol pm...i have to take it before 9pm, otherwise i wake groggy in the morning

    i have an insomnia problem, but my husband is a huge snorer...so it definitely does not help

  11. Hi! I used to have a HUGE sleeping issue. I find that taking #1 Melatonin pill really helps. They are over the counter and 3mg each!
  12. My doc prescribed me 3mg Lunesta which is a NON ADDICTIVE sleep aid. It works pretty well for me and I only take it when I just know it is going to be a tossing and turning kind of night. I tried Ambien before and it was HORRIBLE. I had a hallucinagenic reaction to it after taking just one and was seeing things that weren't there and got completely sick. It was the worst experience ever....NO AMBIEN for me!
  13. I've used tylenol pm occasionally which seems to have helped though I have to take it early otherwise I'm groggy the next day too also chamomile tea can be quite soothing.
  14. I agree that Lunesta is a good sleep med. I also had strange things happen on Ambien, including calling people and saying odd things and then having no recollection of the conversation the next day. Not good.
  15. I have trouble with sleeping a lot. Drives me nuts. Benadryl makes me go to sleep and it's safe to take but if I don't take it early enough I'll never be able to get up in the morning. When I had a prescription for Ambien it worked great for me but that was years ago. I just haven't been willing to go to the doctor for it. Red wine helps me some. I have the worst sleep habits. It sucks!