Urgently Need PCE Card (Aug.21 - Aug.24)

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  1. Hi,

    I'm from Toronto, Canada, and will be in Florida from Saturday, Aug.23 - Sunday, Sep.7. I really want to purchase a Sophie Leather bag (for my gf's b-day) and Ergo Hobo purse (for my mother's b-day) along with a few wristlets, and in Canada we don't have PCE's for coach - no discounts whatsoever.

    I was wondering if anyone could spare a PCE card for the event that ends this weekend. I'll be in West Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday. I'll pay for the trouble and fee of expedited mail. I just badly need a discount on this purchase and would really appreciate any help from the avid Coach customers on this site.

    Thanks in Advance!

  2. Actually, we DO have PCE in Canada. I get a card for nearly every event so they are available for us here. You need to sign up on the mailing list in your local Coach store though.
  3. Ah, then someone misinformed me. I was told this from a Coach SA at Sherway Gardens here. Their b-days are on Oct.20 & Oct.23 though, and when I just spoke with customer service they said PCE's are 4x a year, and the next one would be in December.

    Can anyone help me out here? :sad:
  4. You can buy one on ebay.
  5. There is probably going to be another PCE in September. So if you don't get it this time you have enough time for the next one.
  6. Thanks. I know. I'm trying that as well, but due to auctions ending at varied times my chances of making contact with the seller in a timely fashion are slim.
  7. If customer service @ 1-888-262-6224 tells me the next one will be between November - December, I don't want to risk missing out.
  8. They do have one in December as well, but in the past it was March, June, Sept, December.

    They have been doing one a few weeks before the ones I stated above, like the one now, to get outlet buyers to the boutique.
  9. Ok...I'm going to be honest here. I think that you should really try to buy one on ebay. Chances are that you will probably not get one on this forum seeing as you just joined today and you are requesting a discount card. The members of this forum are here because we love it here and post and discuss things that we are really interested in. This is a great community and we have all made some great friends by being a part of it. Since PCE is really quite random and not everyone gets one, we really try to help one another out by sharing our PCE cards with our fellow forum members. That said, joining our little community and asking for a discount card in your first post really is not all that endearing to some members, especially when there are so many active members here that do not have access to a PCE card. My advice is to buy one on ebay for this PCE so that you can buy the bags you want. Then, sign up for the mailing list once you make your purchases so that you have a chance of receiving your own PCE. Or, you could try sticking around this forum, see how you like it and maybe even become an active member. Then, once you get to know some of the members here, I'm sure that someone will be more than happy to share a future PCE with you. Good luck!
  10. BiggestBagLover,

    I'm not asking for it to be free. I have a PayPal account and can pay for expedited shipping and will pay if someone names a reasonable price. First thing's first though - does anyone even have one available?

    My chances of buying one on here are better than on eBay because as I said, I can't reach ebayers in a timely fashion, whereas on here the audience is more engaged and online. I'm not asking any special favours.

    Notwithstanding the bond of this forum's community and its constituents, I'm not trying to "use" anyone for a "freebie", and quite honestly, I resent any such sentiment.

    All that's being asked is a simple, "No" or "Yes". But if anyone has one sitting around with no one asking for it, seeing as the sale ends on the 24th, it would be a waste not to share/sell it to someone else, even if they are posting on here for the first time.
  11. We don't sell or by on here, it's not allowed.
  12. bought mine on ebay friday last week. still waiting for it though!
  13. yes there is no buying or selling of anything through the forum...at least that is my understanding. have a peek at the rules just to be sure though and good luck.
  14. I don't think her intention was to offend you in any way. She was being frank and honest with you in order to guide you in the fastest direction to obtaining a PCE.
  15. Yes...this is correct. I was not trying to offend you in any way. I was just trying to be honest. I could see that you had over a hundred views of your thread and just thought I would be honest so that you would not be wasting your time and would probably have a hard time getting one through this forum so you should maybe keep an eye out on ebay. Maybe you could try a Buy it Now auction? Or try Craig's list? As for buying from a member on the forum, it is not allowed here and will result in both yourself and the member selling to you to be banned therefore I know that there will not be a member willing to take such a risk, especially for the sale of a PCE card. Again, I'm sorry if you were offended by my post...I was only trying to help. Good luck in getting a card.:flowers:
Thread Status:
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