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  1. Ladies, please tell me which colours are your pick?

    1) Blue Roi
    2) Thalassa Blue
    3) Classic Orange
    4) Rouge Vif
    5) Vert Anis Green
    6) Vermillion
    7) Blue Jean
    8) Cyclamen

    Does anyone here have pics of Rouge Vif & Vermillion? Is Vermillion the bright red?

    Which material? Togo, Clemence, Ostrich or Croc?

    I want 24k gold. Help me get through my 1st birkin.
  2. If you can afford it, Croc it the BEST. Croc is lovely in all colors, have you seen "Braise" it's a lovely soft red with a hint of pink, www.createursdeluxe.com had one. Otherwise in normal leathers ( Togo, Clemence ecc..) in your list of colors my choice would be:
    Blue Jean, Thalassa, Rouge Vif. The leather I prefer is Clemence, also box is lovely and chevre..:smile:
  3. I went to the shop today and had a look at their color catalog.

    In my opinion I prefer the following:

    Thalassa blue, Rouge, and Orange

    Vert Anis, Orange, Blue Jean

    For 24Kt gold, then maybe the orange and rouge will be a good combination.

    Go to your local Hermes store and ask to see the catalog. It will help you decide the color.
  4. Man, I wish I could get through my first Birkin!

    Anyway, Rouge VIF croc with gold is divine.
  5. Can you still put your name on the waitlist in Singapore? I am just curious. I went to the store with my mom, and the birkin list is closed. But there's a number of kelly in stock if you ask them...
  6. If it's croc, DEFINITLELY Rouge Vif. I prefer the pink undertone of it to the tomato of Vermillion. Go to the "stars with Hermes" thread here and look for the pic of Carrie (Sarah Jessica P._ with the Rouge Vif Croc Birkin 30 on her lap. Divine.
    My favorite blue is Blue Jean, but not on croc. On textured leather.
  7. My dream bag is the blue jean in togo with paladium hardware.
  8. In croc I think I will have to second my girl Greentea...impeccable taste/combination. If you haven't taken a peek at that picture she mentioned you should.

    As for the leather choice...I can't touch that one. I love a few and I am going to wait until I get to Hermes in the next week or so and then I can vote a bit better.
  9. I've already listed my name a few years back. I'm a VIP.
  10. Once again, I agree with La Van....go to the hermes' store to check out the colors.

    Seems everyone favorite colors are rouge vif on croc and blue jean either in togo or ostrich.
  11. Well, I am awaiting my first Kelly. Purchase last night, it was a resale. Red box calf! I checked the backround on the purse with Hermes and it is real. I am excited!!!
    I am definitely a fan of red/rouge Hermes colors, I don't really like the ostrich ones though.
  12. Congrats Fendigal!!! :smile: :nuts:

    What's the size of the red box calf Kelly that you purchased ?
  13. 32 cm, I can hardly contain myself. It has the gold hardware!
  14. Can't wait to see it!!
  15. Thanks Fendigal! I'm excited for you too!!! I love 32cm Kellys! :love: It's a great size and you'll love it for sure! Could you post a pic for us when you get your bag ? :nuts:

    Here's are pics of my Potiron chevre Kelly and Gold Clemence Kelly. Both are 32cm :smile: