Urgent ???

  1. It's gone, I take it you have already checked it out.

    Congratulations if you bought it.

    That has got to be the deal of the day.

    Share pics with us, when she arrives.:wlae:
  2. It's beautiful! :rolleyes: Check it out, leave the tags on, have it authenticated and if all is well... ENJOY!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  3. Cat- how did you get that cute little cat thing at your signature line???? I want one.

  4. I hope you got it! If theres something wrong with it you can always return it. But what if it really is just a great deal, you dont want to miss it!
  5. I ordered it ali,hope it works out fine because I hate having to return things.The maggie satchel on NM is a bit smaller and retails for close to 3grand.It's going to be a long weeks wait :smile:.Hubby said this would be my upcoming anniversary gift :graucho:,saves him from having to shop :lol:.

    To top it off I found a BFCODE to use and saved another $150.00 off the already 90% off price,total savings on the bag ended up being 91%.

  6. Wow:nuts:, now that was an excellant deal:yes:! Post pics when she arrives:drool:!!!
  7. CONGRATS!!! What a great deal! Remember to post pics when it has arrives :graucho:
  8. That bag retailed for a bit over $2000 so you got a good deal and its should be authentic!
  9. WOH! $9999???? really?

    cute bag! share the pics w/ us when you get it!

  10. No, that was not the real price. BlueFly made a typo.

    As mona_donya wrote the retail was just over $2,000.
  11. I thought it sounded a bit odd so I called the Chloe store in NY and the SA said the bags original retail is $2,895.00 I still got a good deal on this bag with the discount,shipping,and taxes my final cost was $900.44

    If I had paid the retail price plus s/h and taxes my total cost would have been $3047.70 so I managed to save a total of $2147.26 on this deal.:yahoo:
  12. OMG.. when you actually look at the numbers you got a DAMN GOOD DEAL!!!
  13. I always keep my eyes on the #s :graucho::wlae:.

    The SA at the Chloe store I called in NY were only offering a 40% discount on the same bag,if I had ordered it from them I would have had to pay a total of $1,857.86 with the s/h and 5% sales tax.
  14. Screen shot of the Maggie Dual Satchel,hope it looks as good IRL.The color is Antelope and it has the same soft lambskin leather that they used on the Ava bags :yahoo:.