URGENT! work advice needed.. should i call in sick or what??

  1. I'm very undecided what to do in my situation. Basically I really want to leave my job because its just become a negative environment for me. last week I had an interview on wednesday so I called in sick that day AND thursday. I have a followup interview at 1 pm tomorrow, and at first wanted to go to work in the morning, take a late lunch and then come back to work. But since there is tension throughtout the job right now, I don't feel I should be around the negative energy before this important interview. So would it look bad if I call in sick tomorrow? or should I just say I have an emergency situation (i'll make one up) and then come in later at 2... I usually work from 9:30 til 6 pm so it'll basically be a 1/2 day? my friend said I should say I have an emergency while my brother said I should just call in and say I had a relapse and am sick again?? help! what should I do???
  2. Hard to say without knowing how much time off you've already taken recently (in addition to what you've taken off for the interviews). If you haven't, I don't think taking 3 days off is a big deal. But rather than saying you're sick, do you feel comfortable just telling your manager that you need to take a personal day? Lying about stuff (faking illness, etc) is so uncomfortable, IMO.
  3. Thank you! Yea, I just decided to call in sick. its only been these 3 days in total. I told her I had a relapse. not lying though because I am a little bit under the weather here. LOL.
  4. Chances are, if you are dreading work that much you seriously do need time off!!! But in the same breath, don't take any crap from any person if your work environment is negative in that way. That kind of icky feeling does not go away overnight... take care x
  5. Good luck with your interview x
  6. Hopefully you landed those other jobs so you don't have to keep going to a place that you really dislike. You should just quit if you really hate it that much!

    Good Luck!
  7. Good luck with the interviews. Personally I would have taken holidays to cover the interviews or just been up front with my current employers but that is due to the fact that some employers in the UK can and do check on time off taken due to sick days certified and uncertified and it wouldn't look good to your new employers for them to see that you had taken a sick day to cover an interview with them.
  8. The easiest way is just to call in sick, especially if you have hardly taken any time this year.
    Best of luck on your interview!
  9. I wouldn't call in sick. What goes around comes around and lying is no good, even tho is not a big lie or you think it wont affect anyone. Just said you have something very important to do and need to take the day off, or that you are gonna come in after 2 (after your interview). Good luck with your interview.
  10. Sherry, sending you loads of good wishes for your job interview. Let us know how you get on, if you already made it to a second interview, thats a great sign :smile:
  11. thanks you fellow PFers. the interview was great, I met with a panel of 9 people who are down to earth like myself. it couldn't have gone any better!! its a very funky edgy company so I had to have my personality shine through my rigid accounting/finance background. they already checked my references so we shall see where is goes from here. I am glad I took a sick day and I don't feel bad about it. I care about my job, but to go out of my way for a company who doesn't recognize my contribution is really just playing myself. CRYLATER, I wouldve been honest with them but they would look down upon it. four weeks ago, I had a medical emergency and they still forced me to come in and I gladly did so because my boss said I was due for a raise . then a couple of weeks ago, I was told I wouldn't get a raise while I found out shes getting a 7k raise. I get the title change without the salary. I've been busting my butt off at my current job and to get no compensation or recognition just really put me off. LOL. my boss is kinda pissy with me now saying I have animosity and yes, I'm seriously thinking about just giving my notice if I don't get this job. I think I will have a talk with her tomorrow because I just need to clear the air and tell her how I feel. As for this possible new job, its all about fit so if I don't fit with a jobs culture, my feelings aren't hurt because there are plenty of opportunities out there!