urgent! which one?

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  1. i ordered three purses (nano sac de jour in fog and black) and the givenchy mini antigona. i can only keep one, but i am having the hardest time choosing one. i love the black sac de jour, but i also love how the antigona because it zips. the only thing i dislike about the antigona is the visual appearance. I'm not a huge fan of the mini because of the awkward proportions.

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  2. What other bags do you have in your collection? I havent heard the best reviews on the antigona...i love the look of SDJs but had a hard time with those too. Owned a small, sold bc too heavy, nano, sold bc too small, and baby, also sold bc too heavy. If you can get all your goodies in the nano, go for it! And im partial to black.
  3. thanks for your quick reply! i only have a celine micro luggage. I'm not the kind of person who carries a bunch of stuff with me, only the basic necessities like my phone, license, car keys, etc. i do not find the sac de jours to be heavy.
  4. Since you said you love the black SDJ, I would choose that one. Just liking the antigona because it zips doesn't justify keeping it if you don't like its appearance. Or if you want a bag that zips, then I would return all three and find something else. Good luck!
  5. true. thanks for your help! i think i am going to go with the black sac de jour. it's classy and black goes with everything.

  6. I love the color of the antigona, great for spring/summer
  7. Black SDJ!
  8. ... Sort of says it all. If you really want a bag with a zip, perhaps keep looking.

    I personally love the SDJ. The black is my favourite. I have the same one in the grained leather.

  9. The nano was not heavy! If it meets your needs keep it! I also have a celine micro and lovvvvve it. :smile:
  10. black sdj!!
  11. Black sdj
  12. The Fog is my favourite, followed by the black SDJ, with the Antigona last. Opening the zip with those handles in the way would annoy me after a while, and it loses it's shape unzipped.
  13. personally i was obsessed with getting an antigona until a few weeks back, as I thought it looked so pretty online. When I saw it in person, I thought the stitching on the bag (under the handles) looked a little too chunky and not neat enough for my liking. I could not unsee it from then onwards, as i had really had my heart set on getting one.

    in the end, i got the sdj as with the clean lines, polished hardware and good stitching it won me over aesthetically in real life.
  14. Sdj