URGENT!!! The design is coming off my 2 month old wapity! HELP!

  1. OMG! I just got my MC White Wapity like 2 months ago...now one of the little flower thingys is coming off....and the coloris transferring from the flower on the white canvas! I am so sad and mad....What should I do...Ill take pics in a sec...
  2. Well I know that the MC print is bound to rub off some time...but I've never heard of colour transfer from the flower to the white canvas...

    Are you sure it's not the lining bleeding problem that is found in the white mini HLs?
  3. It's not "transferring", but the brown flower has white spots and the canvas around the flower is brown as well...it kind of looks like it smudged...
  4. pictures?
  5. oh my, i am soo sorry girlie! a pix will definitely help us see it better... :'(
  6. what do people mean by the line "bleeding"
  7. The flower has white spots because yes, the brown flower is rubbing off.
    And by the lining bleeding, it means that the red colour of the inside lining of the wapity is transferring to the white canvas from the inside, and showing up on the outside, which from the sounds of it, may not be your Wapity's case.
  8. UGG! My mom wont let me do it right now, she is cooking dinner....I am so sad!
  9. Do you think I should take it back and get a replacment?
  10. I think you should talk to your SA and explain it! Good luck, that sucks.
  11. Or do you think with the money I should buy something else?
  12. my white mc wapity was rubbing off on the edges and there was a little bleeding by the zipper from the alcantra. I had it for a while though maybe a year, so I sold it because I couldn't stand it.
  13. it is rubbing off around the edges. i am probably going to the lv store either on thursday or saturday....do you think i should get another wapity or buy another item????
  14. yeah it was rubbing on the edges, but I think mc does that eventually. If it bothers you maybe you should get something else.
  15. i am really sad... *sniffle, sniffle*.... i love the wapity shape, but i am nervous that that is going to happn again...maybe i should get it in mono....