Urgent SOS: are jeans and white flaps a bad mix?

  1. Hey girls, so I have decided that a jumbo flap would truly complete my Chanel collection for now. And after seeing ladydeluxe's delish dark white flap, I think I am in love with the white.

    I have managed to track down a "bright white" caviar jumbo flap with silver hw, but am concerned about all the problems that come with light-coloured flaps. Ie, colour transfer, yellowing after a period of time etc. Especially because I tend to wear a lot of dark-coloured jeans as well. Do you white flap owners have a problem with the colour from your jeans rubbing on yr bag?

    Would appreciate any input from gals with white flaps, I hope to get my jumbo soon!!! TIA! :p
  2. Anyone can pls help???
  3. I have a medium white flap (not dark white, I think it is the same bright white that you are thinking of) and I have not had trouble with it.. however, I've only carried it twice. Each times was with jeans but it was only for short periods of time.. I think that color transfer is not a problem as long as your jeans are not brand new.. Yellowing is another concern but I didn't really think about it because all bags eventually "age".. and caviar can always be cleaned! I hope this helps.. a white jumbo is gorgeous. If I could, I would trade in my med for a jumbo..
  4. It should be fine. I live in jeans and I carried my white jumbo flap a lot last summer and when I noticed a hint of transfer on the back, I used applegarde conditioner and got it off very easily and there is not a trace of it. You can also do baby wipes periodically. Id go for it. White caviar is easy to maintain. Any other white bag you get is prone to transfer anyway. At least caviar is easy to get the transfer off.
  5. I don't own a white flap but I own the red 07 flap caviar. Like you, I wear a lot of dark rinsed jeans and I noticed the color got rubbed onto my red caviar slightly. The most evident is around the edge of the back pocket of the purse. I swear I am not going to get a lighter color purse from then on.
  6. I use a lot of dark khaki pants and jeans and nothing has happened to my white jumbo. I agree with Lucci- you can use baby wipes or AG conditioner to remove the transfer. IMO- the caviar is protected with a coating that makes it pretty much irrisitable to any deep stains.
  7. Thanks for all your input gals! I do have a preference for other colours for the jumbo caviar but they are so hard to find! I think I will try to source for the other colours some more and then decide!

    Btw Alaska, LOVE your white jumbo hehe...
  8. Hi S...
    I have an off white expandable flap and have worn it with jeans. No problems so far and trust me, I keep checking. I guess if you think the colour will transfer (certain clothes are more prone) then don't carry the bag when you're wearing that.....does that make sense?
    Good luck in you search. Will keep an eye out for you too.
  9. this is my personal experience...

    if your jeans are a dark wash then there will be color transfer onto your white jumbo

    if your jeans are a light wash then you should be ok...
  10. Hi there I have a white PNY bag and I wear my bag alot, only one time a little of the color got in the purse at first I was like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry::cry: but when I went home I used a baby whipe and it was all gone. So dont worry its safe.
  11. Hi! I was worried about this as well when I got my white jumbo. :nogood: I have had no problems whatsoever wearing them with my Rock & Republics! R&R jeans come with a "warning" tag about color transfer onto lighter colored clothing. I haven't had any problem with my white jumbo on denim, or any colored clothing for that matter.
  12. wow, ur lucky. my rock & republic jeans transferred color onto my white cambon tote. I tried using leather cleaner & I took it back into the store but I was told by the SA that nothing could be done about the color transfer.
  13. ^I think it's because the leather on the white cambon is a bit softer and seems like it would absorb color more easily (unfortunately). The caviar is a lot more durable and doesn't seem to absorb color as easily, and if it does it can be wiped clean much more easily. Sorry to hear that happened. :sad:
  14. Hi dear. sounds like white caviar is quite a strong bag, perfect with Jeans in tropical country hehee... I would highly recommend that you get this bag... so pretty, and if I remember it correctly, Nicky Hilton wore it with flowy sun dresses and shorts.... and they look great too..

    what other colors are you considering? Red ? I would love to have the violet, saw it quite sometime ago, but I guess I am not brave enough to venture into lambskin yet... let us know your decision ya... and silver HW is good choice since you already have the gold HW on reissue.
  15. I think white sounds just so feminine and gorgeous. A friend of mine just got herself a white bag (not Chanel) AND now it makes me want one too.